The Fifth Element is a movie many sci-fi fans would say is criminally underrated. There are so many details in Fifth Element that most fans haven’t been able to notice. Here it goes.

Father Vito Calls Bruce Willis By His Real Rather Than Reel Name

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After Vito Cornelius comes to Korben’s quarters and the latter answers the door, the priest accidentally calls him “Mr. Willis”. This must have been an error because the script said he should have said “Mr. Dallas”. Willis corrects the priest but the entire scene was such incredible improv the Director decided to keep it.

Leeloo’s Name Has A Hidden French Connection That Gives Away The Whole Plot

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The writers chose the name Leeloo for Milla Jovovich‘s character for a reason. In French, Leeloo rhymes close with the word l’élu. It roughly translates to the meaning – “The Chosen One.

Vito Cornelius Takes 20 seconds On The Dot To Explain Himself To The President

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Father Cornelius is given a very small window of 20 seconds by the President to make his point. He takes exactly 20 seconds, not a second sooner or later.

Zorg’s Henchman’s Reaction To The Explosion Was Genuine

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Tricky. the henchman working for Zorg, did not even know there was going to be an explosion this big. Only the director and Gary Oldman knew Tricky’s not aware of the magnitude of the explosion. When it did happen, the actor was taken aback. Part of Gary Oldman‘s costume melted from the immense heat.

The DNA Of Leeloo Has Four Extra Chains

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The DNA structure of Leeloo could be seen in one of the screens during a scene. It shows not one but five different helix structures wrapped around each other. These are actually representations of the rest of the four elements, one for each chain.

The Film Takes Exactly The Same Amount Of Time The President Claims the World Has Till The Evil Reaches It

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After they escape Flohston, the President contacts Korben and tells him that the world has exactly 1 hour and 57 minutes before the Evil reaches it. From the beginning of the first scene to the point the evil is defeated, the movie takes almost the same amount of time.

Zorg and Korben Dallas Never Actually Met In Person

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They never have a proper encounter in the entire movie. The almost met during that elevator scene where Zorg leaves just when Korben’s entering it. But that’s it. A proper face to face meet up between the hero and the villain never happens.

The Clever New York Landscape Detail We All Missed

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The Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty seem to be higher than the city landscape than they are in the real world. That’s because the sea levels have dropped and the city has expanded onto new land.

Zorg Accidentally Saved Everyone Without Realizing It

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In The Fifth Element, it was Zorg who set the hotel bomb detectors off. Had he not done it, the hotel would have never evacuated the premises and the Mangalores would have activated their own five second suicide bombs, killing a lot of people.

The Temperature In The Movie Is Higher Because Of Global Warming

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The average temperature in the movie is 27. 5 degrees. That is more than the historical average temperature for the same day in Brooklyn – 2-10 degrees. This is the result of global warming hinted at throughout the movie. Also, the US has finally moved to the metric system since the temperature is in Celsius.

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