The Flash, one of the most anticipated films released on July 15th ended up being a box office failure. The film attracted a lot of criticism but it was made available for streaming on Max yesterday. Despite having a production budget of well over $200 million, the film only managed to gross $108 million in the US. Because of this, many people might decide to watch it on the streaming platform.

The Flash
The Flash

The movie encountered issues from the very beginning. Be it Ezra Miller’s run-in with the law or the movie’s constant switch-ups between writers and directors. Even after director Andy Muschietti joined and finally got the movie made, there were still issues. But a piece of fresh information has now surfaced. The movie apparently had an alternate ending, and it is way worse than the original one. Pictures from the set showed actors Michael Keaton and Sasha Calle, who played Batman and Supergirl, in scenes that were later revealed to be part of a different ending.

The real ending of The Flash explained

The whole plot of The Flash is centered on Barry Allen’s attempt to travel back in time to his childhood. He hopes to prevent the murder of his mother and the subsequent false accusation of his father. Allen discovers that certain events must take place the way they did initially, as is the case in most time-travel stories.

Just before his father’s court appeal, Barry returns to the fixed version of reality in the very last scene of the film. When the movie opens, Barry is given a video from the grocery store by Bruce Wayne played by Ben Affleck. But it doesn’t actually show that his father is innocent because his head is not that visible in the camera.

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George Clooney as Batman
George Clooney as Batman

But during the pivotal scene in the film, we learn that Barry did something minor while making things right. Since he relocated the tomato cans to the top shelf, his dad’s face can be seen clearly on camera when he enters the store. Barry’s dad is set free at the film’s conclusion, and the Allen family as a whole enjoys a happy ending.

The surprising part is that Barry’s decision affected more people than only his father. Ben Affleck is no longer the Batman in this universe. Instead, George Clooney arrives at the courthouse in a stylish vehicle and without the unique Batsuit with ni**les. Barry sort of landed in the same universe as the 1997 Joel Schumacher film Batman & Robin by relocating those cans.

The Flash had an alternate ending which was way worse

The alternative conclusion of The Flash was much easier. It was created because many people believed it to be cleverer and it had an amount of mystery in it. However, I doubt it would have succeeded. It could have finished with a bigger flop than the movie did. But, judge for yourself.

The initial course of events was the same as the one shown in the actual film. Barry leaves the courtroom and speaks with Bruce on the phone before a car pulls up and a person gets out. The twist is that when Barry exclaims, “Who the hell is this person?” Suddenly, the credits begin to roll. We never get to see Batman in person. We only know that this Batman is different from the ones Barry has previously seen.

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The Flash
The Flash

This conclusion was made so that it leaves room for what comes next. While also maintaining a sense of intrigue and excitement among the audience. It was supposed to be a clever approach to conclude things while keeping fans interested. This alternative ending, in my opinion, would have caused more confusion among the audience than interest.

The Flash is currently streaming on Max.

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