The first full trailer of The Flash just teased the death of Ben Affleck’s Batman and this would be a perfect farewell for the Batman. Ben Affleck was introduced as the Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. But after his success with Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it seems that this could end his DCEU journey on a high note.

In comics, Batman has died a number of times in the comics and his well-known encounter being against Darkseid during Final Crisis. Zack Snyder’s plan for his version of Justice League involved Batman sacrificing himself to save Lois Lane from being killed by Darkseid.

A still from Justice League
A still from Justice League

Of course, the DCEU has moved away from Zack’s version and now Batman’s fate still remains the same, just that he will sacrifice himself to help Barry save the multiverse. The trailer for The Flash includes a shot of Batman’s cowl laying on the ground and is surrounded by blood across the floor. And seeing the jagged shape in the lower part of the neck by the Bat symbol in the chest of the suit, it seems to be belonging to Michael Keaton’s Batman. But the other shot shows Barry touching a hand which could be of Ben Affleck’s Batman.

Is Ben Affleck's Batman dead in DCEU?
Is Ben Affleck’s Batman dead in DCEU?

And it seems an ideal way to motivate the Flash to travel the multiverse by killing off Affleck’s Batman; as the hero who recruited him into the Justice League and is also served as his mentor during the first fight in Justice League is no longer alive to guide him.

Barry Allen is set to reunite with his dead mother just like he did in the original Flashpoint storyline- where he put his entire reality at risk trying to undo her death; his motivation to travel between realities could come from a tragedy that ends up taking the lives of the DCEU’s greatest heroes.

The Flash
The Flash

The same could be the reason that Superman is not present in Warner Bro.’s future projects. We still do not know who is the main villain of The Flash. But it feels like The Flash is the perfect moment to give Ben Affleck’s Batman a heroic sendoff.



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