Many Flash fans might get surprised after discovering two Berry Allens in the upcoming The Flash movie. The first teaser trailer of the film showed the same but in the context of Flashpoint.

The Flash will hit the theaters on November 4, 2022
The Flash will hit the theaters on November 4, 2022

An Alternate Barry Allen In The Flash

After a crazy roller coaster production ride, The Flash‘s first teaser debuted in the DC world. The teaser gave a huge hint that the DCEU film will include two Barry Allens. As Zack Snyder’s vision of the DC Universe collapsed, no other character has the experience of that chaos except The Flash. Moving from Director to Director, The Flash had a good travel between filmmakers like Matthew Vaughn, Robert Zemeckis, and Rick Famuyuwa. But in the end, the project finally got in the responsible hands of Andy Muschietti who has already hit smashes in the box office with the It movies.

2011’s Comic - Flashpoint
2011’s Comic – Flashpoint

While the DC project has already undergone many different forms, it looks like the cinematic incarnation will be similar to that of the 2011 comic, Flashpoint’s storyline. In that plot, Barry goes back in time to save his mother and ends up messing up with the timeline. However, in the sacred arc, the messed-up timeline creates a nightmare in which Themyscira and the United States are at war. As a result, the United States government intercepted Superman’s landing and on the other hand, Thomas Wayne became the Dark Knight as Bruce was gunned down when he was eight. Even Warner Bros. tried to keep the plot under wraps but the DC FanDome revealed what is all going to be there for the fans. Apart from the glimpse of Michael Keaton’s Batman, Sasha Calle is also seemed to be reprising Supergirl in the film. Apart from them, an alternate Barry Allen was also spotted.

The Messed Up Intersection

The alternate Berry Allen makes high sense with the Flashpoint-based story. Every Flash fan knows his incarnation to travel time and Flashpoint plot is one of the many stories where team Flash has to deal with the repercussions of the mess up. Even Heroes in Crisis and Final Crisis highlighted this intersection between the Flash and time travel. Written by Tom King, in Heroes in Crisis, Wally West gets involved in an accident that ends up taking the lives of many superheroes. In that panic state, Wally kills a version of himself to reverse his actions.

Barry Allen in The Flash
Barry Allen in The Flash

In the upcoming film, Barry will be employing a similar trick that will bring another Barry Allen. In the comic world, the war between Atlantis and Themyscira caused multiple damages to the US and that is why the government dropped a nuclear bomb at the end. If the film also carries similar stakes, the DC fans will get to experience the situation where Barry alters the timeline to fix everything but ends up messing it again.

With that said, the presence of two Barry states that the situations will be very dangerous for the superheroes whenever The Flash will hit the theaters.


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