The Flash is all set to release with its upcoming release date fans’ expectations of the film have increased. Now the question is: will the film be able to leave its mark on the box office? The estimated opening of the film makes it seem like the glass is half full. Giving an accurate prediction can be hard; however, the makers have strong faith in the film.

Whereas fans have a totally different perspective on the film. Before its release, the film was surrounded by controversy for casting Ezra Miller as the lead protagonist. Miller, who goes by the pronouns they/them has been a part of various scandals.

The Flash
The Flash

The Flash tracks an estimate for its opening

After creating hype among the fans, and facing certain controversies, The Flash is finally close to its theatrical release. The film seems to start at a steady pace, as its overseas earnings are expected between $155M-$165M which is comparatively more than its domestic earnings. The new co-CEO of DC, James Gunn, has shown his faith in the film. Referring to the movie, he said,

“It’s probably one of the greatest superhero movies ever made.”

The Flash
The Flash

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It was reported that the film has the potential to revive the DC universe. The film stars Ezra Miller in the lead role, and the fact that Miller is cast as the lead protagonist despite their legal troubles bothered many fans. Moreover, the film’s release date clashes with some major superhero movies, amongst which a few are Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. 

The Flash is expected to make a good start by earning $70M-$75M in its domestic opening. Sources have claimed that the projected initial performance of the film can be said to be praiseworthy. Some internet users also have their own opinions on the initial performance of the film. Check out the tweets below:

The lead protagonist of the film, Ezra Miller, recently made a rare appearance at the premiere of the film.

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What’s in store for The Flash?

Ezra Miller in The Flash
Ezra Miller in The Flash

The Flash isn’t just any superhero multiverse story; rather, it’s time travel. The story is an adaptation of the comic book Flashpoint that focuses on the story of Barry Allen, a.k.a. the Flash, who is a self-proclaimed “janitor of the Justice League.”

Apart from its plotline, the audience will get to witness the reprised roles of some iconic characters. The film features Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as their respective versions of Batman. Apart from them, the star cast of The Flash includes Sasha Calle, Kiersey Clemons, and Michael Shannon.

The Flash is scheduled to release on 16th June 2023.

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