We all have seen our favorite comic star Jim Carrie in and as The Mask. The comedy movie which showed a normal man who got his powers from a strange green mask.

The Mask
The Mask

The mask made him invincible and a lot more goofy and funny, more like a naughty cartoon character. 


A Female Lead For The Mask Character?

The Mask
The Mask

Co-creator famous comic-turned film The Mask, Mike Richardson says he wants a female lead now. He wants to make a reboot of the movie with a female actress in the lead.

He did not take any names. However, it was quite obvious from his statements that he has a famous actress in his mind. Which also suggested that the actress will need a lot of convincing to get on board.


Want To Know About The Mask?

Jim Carrie in and as The Mask
Jim Carrie in and as The Mask

The Mask was first released in 1994. It was around seven years after the release of ‘The Mask’ mythology in comics. Five years later Jim Carrie took the lead, and the movie became a huge success.

After Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Jim Carrie was already a big star. He was gaining his mega-stardom by then. Him joining The Mask made the movie a sure success. 


The Movie Even Got an Anime Adaptation 

The movie was such a huge success that it was turned into an animated series. Not just that, some years later sequel was made as well.

However, the sequel named The Son of The Mask was not as much of a success. It did not have the same star cast and was not as loved. The fans demanded a darker turn on the character instead like in comics.



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