Over a decade after wrapping up her iconic role as Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga, Kristen Stewart is ready to dive into the vampire genre once again. The 34-year-old actress is set to co-star alongside Oscar Isaac in the upcoming thriller “Flesh of the Gods”.

In this upcoming movie, Stewart and Isaac will play a married couple named Raoul and Alex who’ll enter a surreal, nightmarish underworld after meeting a mysterious woman while they enjoy the nightlife of Los Angeles.

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart speaking at WonderCon | Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

While plot details are still less, one thing is clear Stewart is ready to reclaim her iconic role for a new generation of horror fans and she’ll be doing it alongside an impressive collaboration of talents.

Cast and Crew of Kristen Stewart Starrer Thriller Flesh of the Gods

Panos Cosmatos directing for Mandy
Panos Cosmatos directing for Mandy | Credits: IONCINEMA YouTube

Other than the lead roles to be played by Kristen Stewart and Oscar Isaac, “Flesh of the Gods” boasts an impressive cast and accomplished filmmakers. The script is written by Andrew Kevin Walker, the mastermind behind iconic thrillers like “Se7en” and “Sleepy Hollow”. Meanwhile, Panos Cosmatos will take up the role of the director. He believes that his upcoming project will dwell between fantasy and nightmare. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cosmatos said,

“Like Los Angeles itself, Flesh of the Gods inhabits the liminal realm between fantasy and nightmare. Both propulsive and hypnotic, Flesh will take you on a hot rod joy ride deep into the glittering heart of hell.”

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In an interview with Variety, the producer of the movie Adam McKay expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with a talented crew and talked about bringing up ’80s punk culture in the movie. He said,

“This director, this writer, these incredible actors, vampires, choice ’80s punk, style and attitude for miles… that’s the film we’re bringing you today. We think it’s wildly commercial and wildly artful. Our ambitions are to make a movie that ripples through popular culture, fashion, music and film. Can you tell how excited I am?”

Adam McKay
Adam McKay | Credits: The Late Late Show with James Corden YouTube

The film will also be co-produced by Betsy Koch, also helping steer the project’s creative direction. The movie will be introduced at Cannes and is supported by WME Independent, CAA Media Finance, and XYZ Films.

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Twilight’s Lasting Impact on Kristen Stewart and Fans

Twilight Saga The New Moon poster
Twilight Saga The New Moon poster | via Hulu

While Kristen Stewart has continuously pushed herself with indie roles since the Twilight Saga ended, her blockbuster vampire franchise has clearly left an indelible mark. The actress has been a defender of the films, even if she acknowledges their flaws.

In a 2015 interview with Interview magazine, Stewart said,

“The intention is so f**king pure in a weird way. Anybody who wants to talk s**t about Twilight, I completely get it, but there’s something there that I’m endlessly, and to this day, f**king proud of.”

The news of Stewart revisiting her vampire roots evoked a wave of nostalgia and excitement as many fans expressed their feelings online. Her performance as the human-turned-vampire Bella Swan was a definitive part of many viewers’ childhoods and teen years throughout the late 2000s.

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With “Flesh of the Gods” shaping up to be a hardcore vampire thriller, perhaps Stewart will revive that same essence that made Bella Swan’s journey so compelling for millions of fans. While the Twilight Saga had its fair share of critics, the bond Stewart formed with fans over the course of the franchise made her the representation of a vampire. For the fans, it’s an opportunity to see if the original vampire mother can recapture that magic once more.

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