Adam Sandler is widely known for the comedic characters he has played over the years. In fact, he won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor this year. The Adam Sandler effect is so strong that although 1995’s Billy Madison, directed by Tamara Davis, had received negative reviews from critics, it did well at the box-office.

Among the many other comedy movies that Adam Sandler has starred in is Happy Gilmore which is a sports comedy movie in which Sandler plays the role of the titular character. While the movie had several hilarious moments, one of the funniest ones was the fight scene between former TV presenter Bob Barker and Sandler.

Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler

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Adam Sandler was Beaten Unconscious by Bob Barker

Adam Sandler’s character Happy Gilmore is a newbie at playing golf when he was paired with Bob Barker during a celebrity golf treatment. While Barker was landing shot after shot, Gilmore was struggling to land a single one which annoyed The Price is Right host to no end as the duo had fallen behind everyone in the tournament.

Adam Sandler and Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore
Adam Sandler and Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore

Barker had badmouthed Happy for hours, consequently the latter punched the old host square in the face as he screamed “You like that old man!? You want a piece of me!?” To everyone’s surprise, instead of backing down, Barker got up and hit Sandler again and again in the face, even going as far as throwing him in some water, flipped him over and tumbled down a hill with him.

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At this point, Happy hit Barker with his head and said the most iconic line of the film, “The price is wrong, b*tch.” Even this failed to deter then 71-year-old Bob Barker who began beating up Sandler yet again and continued to do so until the latter lost consciousness. Director Dennis Dugan vividly remembers this iconic fight sequence that won Adam Sandler and Bob Barker an MTV Movie Award for Best Fight.

The Fight Scene was Barely Improvised

Adam Sandler and Bob Barker
Adam Sandler and Bob Barker

Dennis Dugan had brought Adam Sandler four times to the producers for the movie Brain Donors but they kept refusing to cast him. So, when Dugan finally got the chance to work with Sandler, the duo was beyond excited. The fight sequence between the Murder Mystery actor and Bob Barker was scripted but there were a lot of scenes in that sequence that happened on the spot.

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It was raining earlier on the day of the shooting of the fight so the golf club flying out of Sandler’s hand was unscripted, and the water in which he was thrown was really cold, but the actor didn’t care as he let Barker throw him into it. What’s even more surprising is that Bob Barker barely used his stunt double in the scene. In fact, he was pretty much on board with everything that Dugan proposed for him to do.

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