With Captain Marvel becoming the first female superhero of the MCU helming her own movie and with a gay superhero in talks to be introduced in Marvel’s Eternals, MCU is certainly trying to bring more inclusion and diversity into their brand. But it seems like fans don’t have to wait till Eternals hits the screens to see a gay character on-screen.

First Gay Character in the MCU is introduced in Avengers: Endgame
First Gay Character in the MCU is introduced in Avengers: Endgame

First Gay Character Of MCU is in Avengers: Endgame

The biggest movie franchise not having any openly queer character in any of its movies has been a sore point for many. But all of that changes in Avengers: Endgame with the arrival of the first gay character in the MCU. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo made a point to include a gay character, albeit in a little role, early in the movie.

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CAUTION: Mild Spoilers Ahead, Tread With Care

At the beginning of Endgame, in the support group scene from the trailers, Joe Russo makes his cameo in the film. He is sitting close to Steve Rogers and talking about losing his loved ones. His character is sharing a story where he talks about losing his partner is the Snap and then going out on a date since the event. He then talks openly about his male date and how the two toed at the table over their losses.

This is obviously a small role but for the Russos it was the first step towards forming a more inclusive MCU and so it holds meaning for them. Joe Russo told Deadline that:

“Representation is really important. It was important for us as we did four of these films and we wanted a gay character somewhere in them. We felt it was important that one of us play him, to ensure the integrity and show it is so important to the filmmakers that one of us is representing that. It is a perfect time, because one of the things that is compelling about the Marvel Universe moving forward is its focus on diversity.”

The directors understand that the character isn’t a superhero and the role isn’t even very big as well. But he thought that his role was significant in showing the lives of normal people. Joe elaborated and said:

“The fact that the character is gay will get attention but it isn’t where the scene started. When you have a story point that includes killing half of all humans on Earth, you’re telling a bigger story than The Avengers. So that scene was important to us in telling the story to the larger world. We wanted to have a voice that was talking about the experience of people that went beyond The Avengers. That’s why we felt we really needed it in the movie. Otherwise, it just became too hermetic and insular.”

More Diversity In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Eternals is all set to feature a gay superhero
The Eternals is all set to feature a gay superhero

There has been talks of introducing a gay hero in a future MCU film, most likely in the upcoming The Eternals Movie. But before the director duo potentially exits the MCU, they wanted to ensure that they sowed the seed for the beginning of a more inclusive future.

You can find the official Avengers Endgame trailer here:

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Avengers: Endgame in theatres from this weekend, 26th April.

(Source: comicbook.com and digitalspy.com)

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