Bella Hadid recently talked about how she quit drinking after discovering the negative effects it had on her. The supermodel explained that she felt uneasy and had to leave due to the pain and stress drinking caused. She has been very vocal about her sobriety journey. In a recent interview, the supermodel explained how she finally decided to stop drinking. 

Bella Hadid at an event
Bella Hadid at an event

After quitting drinking, Hadid found a new way to promote sobriety and she became a co-founder of the non-alcoholic drink Kin Euphorics. 

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Bella Hadid said she was unable to control herself from consuming alcohol 

Bella Hadid at the Met Gala
Bella Hadid at the Met Gala

Bella Hadid was 17 years old when she had her first DUI. As per reports Hadid gave up alcohol in the middle of 2021. She was in an uneasy situation where alcohol made it much worse. Soon the urge to drink became worse and the model started canceling plans because she knew will not be able to control herself from drinking. In an interview, the Victoria’s Secret Angel talked about what made her quit drinking. Hadid said,

“I have done my fair share of drinking. I loved alcohol and it got to the point where even I started to, you know, cancel nights out that I felt like I wouldn’t be able to control myself.”

Hadid explained that once when she went for a brain scan, she saw what effects drinking had on her brain and that is when the model decided to quit. 

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Bella Hadid said drinking gave her anxiety 

Bella Hadid at an event
Bella Hadid at an event

The 26-year-old said that she knew what alcohol can do to her. She didn’t want to drink and then suffer anxiety at 3 in the morning about something that she said years ago. Hadid said,

“I don’t feel the need because I know how it will affect me at 3 in the morning when I wake up with horrible anxiety thinking about that one thing I said five years ago when I graduated high school.”

She further added,

“There’s just this never-ending effect of … pain and stress over those few drinks that didn’t really do much.”

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With her non-alcoholic drinks, Hadid is promoting sobriety as she claims that her drink Kin Euphorics can calm an anxious mind. Hadid came across this non-alcoholic drink a few years ago. The brand Kin Euphorics describes its drink as “sparkling notes of lavender-vanilla, smoked sea salts, and passionflower with mind-calming ingredients”. 

The supermodel said that she prefers to drink Kin Euphorics every time she has anxiety. Hadid said,

“I drink this when I have crippling anxiety and I can’t leave my house or when I’m not gonna drink alcohol but still want to loosen up and be able to speak to people and socialize.” 

This drink has also helped Hadid to deal with insomnia. Hadid said that she sleeps like a baby after consuming Kin Euphorics. She also explained that this drink will calm your brain and release stress. 

Source: Elle Australia


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