Kelly Ripa has built quite a reputation for herself in the industry after she broke into the scene. She joined the talk show, Live, in 2001, when it was rechristened as Live With Reggy and Kelly. She got the job after Philbin’s longtime co-host Kathie Lee Gifford left the year before. Since then she has made her way up the ranks slowly and steadily. But the journey was characterized by its own hardships, including making some high-profile enemies. One of her enemies includes Megyn Kelly, a journalist who is no less in stature than the mother of 3.

Megyn Kelly and Kelly Ripa – From co-hosts to rivals

Kelly Ripa and Megyn Kelly
Kelly Ripa and Megyn Kelly co-hosted Live once

Megyn Kelly and Kelly Ripa were first seen together in 2016, a day after the Presidential election. The then Fox News anchor had joined Live to act as a co-host to Ripa. The partnership evoked a great response from fans around the world. They hoped that something stellar was in the works.

But come the Fall of 2017, the two were pitted against each other. In the aftermath of the launch of Megyn Kelly Today, the two were branded rivals. Her new program, which aired at 9 a.m. competed with Live, the syndicated ABC program for viewership. This was going to be a true clash of the titans.

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The clash of the ‘Kellys’

Kelly Ripa and Megyn Kelly
Kelly Ripa and Megyn Kelly squared off for a battle of viewership

When Megyn Kelly started hosting her new show, there was a remarked change from her trademark style, she started drifting away from political coverage. This was believed to be an attempt to gain some of Live‘s viewership. The 52-year-old had made sure that there would be only one victor.

There was one. The clash didn’t end well for one of the ‘Kellys’ though. Live With Kelly and Ryan continued to dominate ratings despite all the competition. NBS hiring The Megyn Kelly Show proved to be failed experiment. It was Megyn Kelly who took the beating in this round, as her contract was terminated one year into their three-year contract.

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Kelly Ripa and Megyn Kelly are not on good terms

Kelly Ripa and Megyn Kelly
There is a feud between Kelly Ripa and Megyn Kelly

But ever since the shows started airing at the same time, there were immediate whispers of a rivalry between the two. A reason behind this feud is Megyn Kelly’s remarked departure from politics to emulate a similar style to Live. Kelly Ripa took a shot at her in 2017, when she told The New York Times that Live doesn’t battle with other programs. She said, “We don’t compare ourselves to anybody because we are the only ones who do what we do.” 

Despite all this, the beef between the two hosts was never confirmed. Gossip Con reported, “There are elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.” Still, people contend that there is more to the situation than meets the eye.

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