When James Gunn and Peter Safran took over the mantle of DC, fans were welcomed with the disheartening news of the departure of beloved characters like Henry Cavill who is replaced with David Corenswet playing the younger Superman version. In contrast, Jason Momoa, who played Aquaman, remained optimistic about his continued presence in the DC Universe.

Jason Momoa is confident in DC’s future amid character departures

Jason Momoa n
Jason Momoa

James Gunn and Peter Safran are now regarded as the future of the DC Universe. Their inception into the franchise was met with the unexpected removal of superhero actors, leading to uncertainties about Jason Momoa’s place in the franchise. Especially since Aquaman wasn’t initially part of the first batch of DC titles, fans were concerned about the fate of Jason Momoa’s character.  In an interview with Total Film magazine, the actor confirmed his presence and will portray the Atlantis princess.

“I absolutely think Aquaman will be involved in the DCU,– there’s no one bigger than Aquaman! But, also, I hope people are excited to see the new one. It’s fun. I really enjoy doing comedy. There’s some really funny stuff with Patrick Wilson. I really adore him. We had a great time working together. It’s like we’re brothers. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening in this one.”

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Image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

In the interview Momoa also expressed his enthusiasm for playing the role, said that no one could replace his Aquaman, and reiterated his willingness to do the other roles: “I can be funny, savage, and charming.” 

“I’ll always be Aquaman. Ain’t anyone coming in there and taking shit. There might be some other characters, too. I can play other things, too”.

Meanwhile, the actor also shared some insights about his upcoming movie, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, in which, unlike other superhero movies, he likes to focus on environmental issues that concern our planet, like “melting ice caps”, instead of venturing into off-galaxies, alien or multiverse things.

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Aquaman 2 success could lead to reboot in James Gunn’s DC Universe

Image of James Gunn
James Gunn

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be the final movie from the iconic DCEU, concluding the 10-year-long saga that would potentially continue with Gunn and Safran’s new DC Universe. Since the actor confirmed his place in the franchise after Gunn’s involvement in the universe, the exact nature of their collaboration remains a mystery.

Back in March, the actor mentioned to Variety at the Sundance Film Festival that he met with Gunn and Safran last year, soon after they took over DC. Although the actor expressed his excitement about being part of the Gunn franchise,  it is unclear what Gunn has planned for Momoa, whether he is continuing his role or taking on a new character in the universe.

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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Poster
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Perhaps it will depend on the success of the film. If Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is a commercial success, it will be a very big breakthrough for the franchise and could hopefully solidify the future of the character.

At that phase, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom might get a sequel from DC Studios alongside the rest of the Justice League in light of the recent additions to the DC line-up, including the debut of David Corenswet’s new Superman.

The trailer of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is out now on DC YouTube Channel 

James Wan’s final DECU flick, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will hit theaters on December 20, 2023.

Source: Variety and Total Film magazine

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