Harvey Weinstein was a powerful figure in the entertainment industry who took advantage of his fame and exploited many women. That kept going on for years until victims decided to voice their hearts out to unveil his heinous crimes. While many actresses came up to unmask his true nature, Sandra Bullock opened up about how the former’s influence impacted countless actresses’ life.

Harvey Weinstein
Former Film producer, Harvey Weinstein

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The influential actress shared her thoughts on the disgraced producer and how he influenced the industry by spreading bad rumors about many actresses. While she never had a direct encounter with the former, she opened up about distancing herself from him.

Sandra Bullock Shared Harvey Weinstein Spread Awful Rumors About Other Female Actors

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock shared her opinion about the former producer

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The 58-year-old actress, Sandra Bullock is one of the most influential actresses in the entertainment industry. Working in the industry for a long time, she knew the dark side of the limelight as well. Even if she never had an encounter with the disgraced celebrity, Harvey Weinstein, she knew about his infamous reputation for mistreating women.

In a 2018 interview with The Sunday Times, she knew that many actresses were linked to Weinstein which affected their reputation. Stating that the rumors stemmed from the former producer himself, she shared,

“I only heard what Harvey wanted people to hear, and that made me so f**king angry. People would say, ‘Well, you know how she got that role? She f**ked Harvey.’ I would say, ‘Shut the f**k up. You don’t know that.’”

She continued,

“Then, later, to find out that woman was brutally attacked … They didn’t sleep with Harvey. Harvey wanted you to think that.”

Due to his massive influence in the industry, she was quite “afraid” when his heinous crimes came to the surface. While many female celebrities put on a brave face and exposed the truth about him, she was concerned if this would have a different impact. Nevertheless, his true identity was unveiled to the world that was left hidden for a long time.

A Brief Note on Harvey Weinstein’s Crimes

Harvey Weinstein
The 70-year-old disgraced celebrity, Harvey Weinstein

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The New York Times published a report in 2017 detailing the sexual abuse allegations, r*pe, and sexual assault charges against Weinstein over at least 30 years. That was a breakthrough as many female celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, and Gwyneth Paltrow opened up about their unpleasant encounter with the 70-year-old mogul.

The allegations also sparked a #MeToo social media campaign which influenced many to speak up about the injustice they suffered at the hands of powerful people.

Harvey Weinstein was found guilty and convicted on charges of r*pe in 2021 and has been sentenced to 23 years in prison. While he is serving his previous sentence, he has been given an additional 16 years in prison for r*ping an actress in 2013.

Source: The Sunday Times

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