June is going to be an exciting month for all cinephiles as so many great shows are coming back with new seasons and various movies from many genres are releasing soon. From The Boys to House of the Dragon, new seasons of great shows are going to entertain fans across fandoms.

Another piece of news to keep fans of The Boys happy is its renewal for season 5 before season 4 even premiered. Amazon Prime Video recently announced that the horrors of Homelander and the butchered efforts of The Boys will return for another season.

The Boys Season 5 Announcement Sparks Mixed Reactions

Antony Starr in The Boys S4
Antony Starr in The Boys S4

In this day and age, viewers are very particular about what they want to watch and what they will continue bingeing in the near future. Gone are the days when over 10 seasons of the same show continued to amass similar viewership. Now, it’s all about conveying the story concisely and remaining to the point. So, when Amazon Prime Video announced that The Boys would be returning for season 5, fans felt conflicted as they pondered over the remnants of the narrative.

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Fans are hoping the showrunners let Homelander embrace his darkest side so that season 5 can wrap up the events of the story and give the series a satisfying ending. Otherwise, it would just seem like the platform is milking the flagship series into making more money and attracting a wider subscriber base.

The story has been building up to a major culmination where we see Homelander lose his calm and even leave a trail of destruction in his wake. Fans cannot wait for him to go full villain mode for yet another season. Moreover, the show needs an intricate setting and brings together many characters so understandably it takes time to shoot and bring a season together. It’s a bit of a stretch to assume that the fandom will wait for another couple of years for season 5 if season 4 disappoints.

What is The Boys Season 4 About?

The Boys
Karl Urban, Jack Quaid and Laz Alonso in The Boys

Season 3 of the superhit show was left off on a major cliffhanger as Homelander enjoys unlimited power even when he commits a fatal action in public. All his fans continue to support him which leads to him feeling invincible. On the other hand, Butcher’s life is in danger and the Boys are on the brink of destruction as they cannot keep up the teamwork. Victoria Neuman is another character whose journey and motives will be explored in season 4.

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Antony Starr - The Boys
Antony Starr in The Boys

New characters introduced to Vought’s Seven will also be featured along with the series hand-off from its spin-off Gen V. It was an inventive move by Prime Video to make the two shows work in tandem and release them one after the other so fans could always remain connected to the burgeoning universe of superheroes and villains.

Season 4 of The Boys will premiere on Prime Video on June 13.

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