Melissa Viviane Jefferson, stage name Lizzo is path-breaking in the music industry as well as in the shape-wear industry. Lizzo is the greatest advocate for body positivity in the current news and there is no denying that.

In a recent interview, Lizzo said that Kim Kardashian‘s SKIMS has a huge part in making “Yitty” possible. The brand was one of the first to offer sizes from XXS to 5X and that really inspired Lizzo into shaping her clothing line. SKIMS was among the few brands which did not make her feel ashamed of her body and helped her maintain a healthy relationship with it instead. Thus, she is thankful to the business mogul Kim Kardashian and her 3.2 billion dollar brand for making her feel included.

The singer Lizzo
Lizzo the singer flaunting her shape-wear

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How Yitty came to life?

Lizzo endured a lot of hardships when it comes to her size. Thus, tired of searching for her right fit or forcing herself to fit into unattainable body standards she decided to make her own size. She brought the idea to life in the form of her new shapewear line “Yitty” in collaboration with Fabletics in April 2022. She believes that clothes should fit people and not the other way around. Clothes should make people feel confident and good about themselves rather than pointing out their insecurities.

Lizzo’s relationship with her body.

The pop singer has always struggled with three issues in her life — being black, her size, and her gender none of which is her fault. She does not want any other little girl to feel the way she did growing up. Lizzo is always known for making her own way when no path is seen in front of her. From creating stand-alone music albums without any involvement of big names to creating a competition/reality show to add to her Big Grrrls squad when she felt there was a lacking of plus-size dancers in the scene. Similarly, keeping in mind the hardships she faced while on tour she launched Yitty.

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How did SKIMS help in shaping Yitty?

Athleisure and shape-wear brands like Spanx or Victoria’s secret faced a fair share of backlash in recent years for promoting unhealthy body standards and not being inclusive.

Kim Kardashian’s brand on the other hand had been praised by millions for keeping a wide size range in mind and that too in affordable prices. Kardashian founded the company in 2019 with Jens Grede, an entrepreneur. The collection is famous for its comfortable quick-dry fabric which can stretch up to twice its size. The “molds-to-your-body” is what really impresses Lizzo.

                     “[They were] a tool used to make me feel sh**** about myself; I couldn’t breathe, I would be sweating                             profusely, and [eventually] I just said f*** it,” 

Social media and many big outdated brands have really made people hate themselves recently. Thus,she encourages everyone to love every bit of them. Lizzo is currently in a healthy relationship with her body. Yitty was five years in the making and the success of brands like SKIMS and Savage X Fenty really paved its way.

         “This was before a lot of the cool shapewear brands had launched, so they didn’t see the importance of                           the category.” 

campaign for skims
Ad campaign showing the size range for SKIMS.

How is Yitty doing now?

It offers sizes from 6X to XS. Although it is still in its initial stages it already is trailblazing in its own way. The name comes from a nickname given by her fans to the hit song maker and she embraces it gracefully. Lizzo is excited about the future prospects this venture has in store for her and so are her fans. It is currently valued at over 1 billion dollars.

Photoshoot for Yitty
Ad campaign for Yitty.

As soon as the line launched fans all over the world showered their love and claimed the products to be an extension of their own skin.

Many fans got overwhelmed by the size range and thanked Lizzo for keeping everyone in mind. Many vocalized their struggle and pain in searching for that one right fit. Not only is it comfortable but keeps in mind the fashion of it too. The collection flaunts nude colors as well as flamboyant prints. There is literally something for everybody.

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Lizzo isn’t stopping soon and she will continue to work to include many more parts to her brand that makes it the “right fit” for every kind of person.

Source: ShowbizCheatSheet

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