Hollywood Actor Kevin Spacey has been asked to pay $31 million to the House of Cards producer MRC for alleged sexual misbehavior behind the scenes of the Netflix political drama series. The 63-year-old actor is a two-time Oscar Awardee who is known for portraying his roles in the movies like 1995’s Seven and The Usual Suspects, 1999’s American Beauty, 2006’s Superman Returns, 2017’s Netflix’s House of Cards, and many others.

Hollywood Actor Kevin Spacey
Hollywood Actor Kevin Spacey

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His contributions to the industry were numerous however that began to crumble when BuzzFeed published allegations made by actor Anthony Rapp back in 2017 stating that the Oscar awardee made a sexual advance towards the latter when Rapp was 14. After that allegation, more than 30 people came forward who shared their encounters with the House of Cards actor, accounting for harassment to attempted sexual misconduct.

Kevin Spacey To Pay $31 Million To The House of Cards producer MRC

Hollywood Actor Kevin Spacey
Hollywood Actor Kevin Spacey to pay $31 million for sexual misconduct

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Kevin Spacey was dropped off from the series during the sixth season after his allegations surfaced that he had sexually assaulted and targeted young men, which also included the alleged groping of the series’ production assistant. That caused MRC to conduct an investigation and resulted in terminating his acting and producing contracts.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mel Red Recana ruled an award that was previously passed down by an arbitrator in October 2020,  consisted of some $29.5 million in damages and the remaining in costs and fees. The arbitrator found that Spacey’s conduct constituted a material breach of his acting and executive producing agreements.

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MRC had stated that the actor owed them millions as he was forced to remove from the sixth season of the show due to his misconduct which trimmed the season from 13 episodes to eight. The arbitrator found that Spacey’s behavior constituted his acting agreements’ material breach and executive producing agreements.

Kevin Spacey’s Attorneys attempted to Toss Out The $31 million Ruling in Early 2022

Hollywood Actor Kevin Spacey
Oscar Awardee Kevin Spacey 

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In January 2022, his attorneys attempted to throw out the $31 million arbitration award, by urging the court to deny the petition and vacate the award which was filed by the MRC. The attorneys stated, “The truth is that while Spacey participated in a pervasive on-set culture that was filled with sexual innuendoes, jokes, and innocent horseplay, he never sexually harassed anyone,” and stated that he did not violate MRC’s anti-harassment policy.

While the MRC is satisfied with the ruling, Spacey is against the arbitrator’s factual findings and has maintained stating that he did not sexually harass anybody. He pleaded not guilty to four charges of sexual assault against him the previous month.

Source: Deadline

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