The American social media star Skylar Bri is popularly known as Sky Bri. The 24-year-old became a tabloid favorite after her OnlyFans account went viral. The influencer is known for her great following on her various social media accounts. She has an active presence on Instagram with more than a million followers.

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Sky Bri

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She keeps on updating her fans and followers about her professional world with her pictures and posts on Instagram. Sky Bri dated Jake Paul, an American professional boxer for a short period. The young adult content creator has been a witness to fame at a very young age. She has been both criticized by the critics as well as loved and appreciated by her fans and followers.

Sky Bri Simply Hates Being Commodified By The Media

Celebrities have to pay a price for being in the glam and glitz world. The American bikini model Sky Bri is known for her sensual pictures on social media. During a YouTube talk show named Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk, the 24-year-old model opened up about being objectified by people. She spoke about how she is always judged based on her profession and her semi-clad pictures on social media.

“People don’t know me they see me as Sky, this crazy f**king s*x robot demon on it yeah, and then my friends in real life like Nick they always like to talk to me they’re like if I didn’t know you, I would have no clue what to do because I just like in my day to day life like I’m pretty normal.”
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Sky Bri

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Sky Bri even went on to mention that she hates being called Sky, and prefers being called Skylar instead. She even spoke about how people end up having perceptions of what they see on the internet and social media. The influencer pointed out how things are not the same as they are portrayed by the media.

Sky Bri Prefers Living Like A Broke Despite Having A Fortune Worth Millions

Earning fame and making millions is not enough. Some celebrities have to walk that extra mile to convince others about what makes them happy, and what keeps them going. Sky Bri comes under a similar category. The adult content creator recently appeared on the Barstool’s OnlyStans podcast where she broke her silence on her struggles to get accepted by her own people because of her profession. The model confessed-

“My mum is super supportive of it, but the rest of my family disowned me. They’re super Christian, very, very religious.”

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Sky Bri

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Sky Bri is known to shoot only two adult movie scenes in a month. And she prefers working with her best friend, Rara Knupps while filming adult scenes for her OnlyFans account. Despite making her name in the adult industry, Bri dreams like a common woman with very basic needs and demands. While talking about her future plans, she mentioned-

“I live like I’m broke. I don’t spend any of my money; all the money that I’ve made over the last year is saved up,” 

Sky Bri has earned a sizeable amount of fortune that sums around $2 million from her brand endorsements, modeling, photoshoots, and social media.

Source: Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk

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