In addition to being a great actor, American Elizabeth Banks is also a skilled filmmaker. She is known for her roles as Effie Trinket in the Hunger Games films and Gail Abernathy-McKadden in the Pitch Perfect series. She released her third movie as a director in February, titled Cocaine Bear. Her experience working with James Gunn in his movies had a significant role in shaping her latest film. She has also revealed a secret connection between James Gunn’s darkest superhero film and his goriest horror film.

Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks revealed a connection between James Gunn’s two movies she was part of

In order to infuse Cocaine BearElizabeth Banks‘ most recent film, with a distinctive tone, she took inspiration from her work with filmmaker James Gunn. The mood of the movie strongly resembles that of Gunn’s Slither and Brightburn. These were the two movies with Banks in leading roles that Gunn either produced or directed. Slither was Gunn’s one of the most goriest horror movies while Brightburn is considered Gunn’s darkest superhero movie. And both the movies have something in common.

Banks emphasized the major issue of motherhood. She further adds about the difficulties it presents in an interview with SyFy. She points out the common themes between the two movies. Banks states while talking to SyFy, “This honestly was all about being a mom. The idea of coming in and having to parent a problem child, as we like to say nicely about Brandon in the movie, and what are the limits of unconditional love for this woman.” Both films explore the challenges of raising challenging kids. They also deal with the limitations of unconditional love, which are frequently hidden by denial.

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Elizabeth Banks in the movie Slither
Elizabeth Banks in the movie Slither

In Slither, Banks’ character struggles with the breakdown of their marriage as her spouse becomes a host for an alien parasite. This literal exploration of family breakdown and denial is reflected in Brightburn as well, where the focus changes to handling a kid who might not be the most well-behaved.

Elizabeth Banks’ upcoming project

The talented actress Elizabeth Banks has a unique project in the works. In Austin Peters’ intriguing thriller Skincare, fans may anticipate Elizabeth Banks in the major role. Lewis Pullman, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Luis Gerardo Méndez, and Nathan Fillion have also joined the cast. The details of the movie’s plot are still unknown. But it has been called a “vanity thriller” set in Hollywood and is said to promise a unique and visually striking cinematic experience.

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Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks

The movie is currently in post-production after successfully finishing production before the Writers Guild of America strike. According to the producers, Skincare has a lot of potential. The movie has an array of talented cast and committed crew. It’s fair to say that Elizabeth Banks will once again wow audiences with her acting.

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Source: SyFy

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