This Is the End, written, directed, and produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, featured actor Jay Baruchel alongside Jonah Hill, James Franco, Craig Robinson, and Rogen in fictionalized versions of themselves. The movie centered around the cast being stuck in James Franco’s house after a series of devastating events just destroyed the city.

The film went on to have critical and commercial success, it made roughly $126 million on a $32 to 41.9 million budget. But Jay Baruchel pointed out that he wasn’t exactly following through on it though.

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Jonah Hill with the cast of This is the End
Cast of This Is The End

Jay Baruchel and Jonah Hill’s stressed equation worked out well for This Is the End

During an interview on The Daily Beast’s The Last Laugh podcast in May 2023, actor Jay Baruchel’s old video resurfaced again in which he had expressed his dislikeness towards Jonah Hill. During the podcast, he said, “I was … real crabby throughout that whole movie … Jonah and I don’t get along super well, or at least didn’t back then.” 

When the actor was asked if their mutual hate comes through on-screen, Baruchel said,

“Yeah, no f–king s–t, it does! And also, about this weird thing about mining personal s–t. But not for catharsis…mining it just for comedy. So mining it in the most monetized, capitalist way of, ‘we’re going to dig up real personal s–t,’ but nobody’s going to go home feeling better about it. We’re just going to turn it into a f–king product.”

Jonah Hill and Jay Baruchel
Jay Baruchel did not like Jonah Hill while they were filming This Is the End

He continued to explain that he couldn’t confide in Hill as they were raised in a great misogynistic tradition of not talking about things and added that receiving Hill’s relentless compliments on-screen was exhausting for him and it sucked. The two of them have appeared in Knocked Up and How To Train Your Dragon as well.

The actor, however, added that when he watched the movie which also starred Seth Rogen and James Franco in 2013 he thought what they did was funny and Hill was good at it, which is when he knew that it was a good movie, because he found himself laughing at the jokes he never found funny while filming.

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“I think now we’re sort of each the devil the other one knows”: Jay Baruchel on his equation with Jonah Hill

The podcast was not the first time Jay Baruchel addressed the weird tension between him and the actor Jonah Hill back in 2017 during a conversation with Larry King, Baruchel said,

“I know the man. I wouldn’t say that [I don’t like him] … It was contentious once upon a time, but I think now we’re sort of each the devil the other one knows.”

The interview and the situation between Hill and Barchuel resurfaced online and caught everyone’s attention after Hill’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady accused the 21 Jump Street actor of being emotionally abusive to her while also claiming that he would gaslight her and had shared recordings of their text messages which showcased several things Hill had written that Brady had to do.

Jonah Hill and Jay Baruchel
Jonah Hill and Jay Baruchel

The actor mentioned in the texts that he didn’t want to date Brady if she continued to have boundaryless inappropriate friendships with men as well as friendships with women who are in unstable places. The actor received a massive backlash after the texts were made public.

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Jonah Hill’s ex Sarah Brady claims she was put on ‘involuntary mental hold’

The actor’s ex is opening up about their relationship now more than ever and recent reports suggest that she alleged that she underwent hospitalization as well as an involuntary mental hold recently.

The surfer had shared pictures and videos of her bruises on her arms and she claimed that the doctors from Hawaii Queen’s Health System had injected her with drugs involuntarily and noted that they refused to provide her with water. “They treated me like a violent animal whilst I remained a human being,” she said.

Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady
Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady

Brady further alleged, “They told me I was intoxicated. I told them I was not. I told them I had a mental health diagnosis. I asked for water. They did not give me any. They dragged me by my arms and strapped me down on a gurney WITHOUT MY CONSENT.” 

The surfer and ex of Jonah Hill who suffers from bipolar disorder added that she was treated like a street dog, mentioning that she feels safe to be able to share what she is going through online rather than being discreet and pretending to be ashamed of it.

Source: AV Club

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