Thor, the God of Thunder, is a powerhouse. Mortals and immortals tremble under his wrath. Over the years, Marvel has added a host of useless abilities to Thor’s arsenal that have made him a walking joke.


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Thor, in his early days, had a human persona of Donald Blake. Thor was originally banished to earth by Odin for his insolence. his soul was bonded to the body of crippled medical student Donald Blake. Whenever Thor’s services were required, Donald would strike down his walking cane and become the God of Thunder. We have just one question though – WHY? We mean we understand giving the superhero a handicap was essential as  plot device but it did not give any advantage to Thor in the end. Marvel did not let go of Thor’s Donald Blake alter ego for years. As of 2020, Marvel has realized its mistake. Donald Blake is an entirely different person.

Earth Control

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There was a time when even the Mighty Thor fell into the arms of Lady Death. He was obviously resurrected because well….comic books. But Thor’s resurrected form changed his powers. Thor now believed he was the son of Gaea, the Elder Goddess Of Nature, better known as Mother earth. He learned the ability to control the planet’s tectonic shifts and create massive Earthquakes. he already had the power to control hurricanes, and a host of other magical and superhuman abilities. Giving him the power over a literal force of nature was unnecessary and uncalled for.

Weather Manipulation

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Up until some point, it makes sense. Thor can control weather and create storms. But our problem is with his power to create rain. No hero in the history of comic books has ever managed to intimidate his or her foe by threatening they will make it pour cats and dogs. Marvel Comics has not done anything to wash Thor’s hands off of this ability either. Thor’s ability to create rain has been used in the comics extensively. He already uses so potent lightning attacks. Does he really need to make it rain to strike fear at the heart of evil?

Super Breath

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Yep, you heard that right. Thor has superhuman lung capacity too. Just like Superman, his Superhuman breath can douse fires in an entire neighborhood. When you have a Hammer that can create tornadoes and your ability is literally conjuring and controlling storms, why would you need to have Super Breath? if you think it helps him hold his breath for long, you are wrong. Thor’s Super breath is basically an ability he uses to blow an insane amount of wind at the enemy.

Telepathic Resistance

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All Asgardians have a mental capacity that far exceeds that of normal human beings. Thor also possesses a level of telepathic resistance. We never know whether its the core Asgardian biology or magic that makes him immune to mental attacks. But it is probably the most useless power Thor has. We won’t go so far as to say Telepathic resistance is useless. But despite Thor possessing it, he almost always falls under the telepathic charms of other psychic beings. Everyone from Super Beast to Professor Charles Xavier and Mister Sinister, even Loki have made a fool out of Thor. Even the Red Skull has managed to mind-control Thor on occasions. So why does Thor even posses this ability.

Warrior’s Madness

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Thor is the most grounded and honorable of all heroes. After hundreds of years of experience in open combat, he has learnt that the way of the warrior starts with dignity and respect for the enemy. He never loses his cool and even if he does get angry, he always stays within his boundaries. Enter the ability known as Warrior’s Madness. Warrior’s Madness puts Thor ins a berserker state. In this state of insanity, Thor’s physical attributes increase significantly but he also loses his ability to identify friend from foe. The ability is forbidden by Odin for a reason.

Solar Flare Manipulation

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Solar flares are caused by powerful explosions on the surface of a star. For earth, solar flares come from the Sun. They possess extremely harmful radiation that can destroy all life on earth. caused by something called a Coronal Mass Ejection, a single solar flare can destroy all the satellites on orbit, peel off the ozone layer, and push humanity back to the stone age. The Earth’s Magnetic Field protects us against these flares. Since Thor’s hammer was forged in the heart of a dying star, he could not only generate but also control solar flares. Even a single solar flare could cause an extinction level event. Why is Marvel hell-bent on giving Thor WMD powers? Speaking of which…


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Thor’s Mjolnir hammer possesses a myriad of secret abilities. One such ability is the power to generate anti-matter. Anti-Matter is the polar opposite of matter, the particles that make up our universe. They are incredibly dense and very explosive. a gram of anti-matter possesses the explosive strength of the world’s most powerful nuclear bomb. Anti-Matter also destroys matter on contact. When many of Marvel Superheroes were turned into a negative, version of themselves, Thor used Mjolnir’s Anti-Matter powers to reverse their polarities. This powerful ability which can literally destroy the entire universe has never seen since. What were the writers even thinking?

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