The God of Thunder has no rest as Thor continues to climb to new heights. Donny Cates just gave THOR #1 the first peek at the cover, and the hero never before looked at this mystical. The author is excited to start his series of Asgardian adventures, and fans are ready to see what he and the creative team put on the paper. Yet, because of some startling info, comic fans can look at that cover image with a little more interest.

Modern Thor Elements

Much of the new costume, like the mail on his arms and feet, contains elements that scream modern Thor. The elegant crown is also a lovely touch (and look no beard!) Even the glamorous red cape is in full effect here. The elephant in the room, though, comes from putting the circles on that costume and how much they look like an insignia of Uni-Power. We look like the suit of the Captain Universe. That line of thinking is not necessarily shut down by those galaxy print-like planets. Can Cates offer an upgrade to the hero? There’s no proof yet, but it’s all the same an interesting trend.

Quick note on Cap Universe

A quick note on Captain Universe from the Marvel Wiki: “Captain Universe is not one person. In one sense, it is not a person at all–it is the Uni-Power (an aspect of the Enigma Force). And it is a manifestation of the Universe itself. It is a sentient energy field that seeks out people in great peril and bonds with them. In another sense, it is every person–it is the potential for heroism that lives in each of us. 

When Uni-Power finds a partner

Thor’s new costume screams ‘Modern’
Thor’s new costume screams ‘Modern’

When the Uni-Power chooses a partner, it endows that person (or, rarely, persons) with the powers, memories, and costume of Captain Universe. The partner can use the powers of Captain Universe until the peril is surmounted. However, if the partner tries to use those powers for personal gain or for evil, the Uni-Power immediately deserts him or her or them.”

Source: Comicbook, Simplenews

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