Gal Gadot is a prominent face in the world of entertainment. The Israliean model turned actor rose to fame with DC’s Wonder Woman in 2017. She has been the face behind the superhero franchise ever since its inception. The actor has been associated with the billion-dollar action drama franchise Fast And Furious also.

Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot

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Recently, Gal Gadot’s action thriller Heart Of Stone premiered on Netflix. The show got a mixed reception from the audience as the die-hard fans of the actor were all praises for her performance, but the critics labeled the spy thriller as a joyless ride.

Gal Gadot’s Heart Of Stone Gets A Mixed Reception From Audience

The official Wonder Woman of Hollywood is no longer having the best time in the entertainment world. The current buzz regarding the development of the third installment of Wonder Woman and the mixed reaction to the action-thriller Heart Of Stone on Netflix has left the actor disappointed. The reviews of Heart Of Stone are already out and it’s quite evident that the multi-star project failed to make its presence on the reputed streaming platform.

According to the chief film critic, Owen Gleiberman of Variety, who has been known for his straightforward reviews, Gal Gadot’s Heart Of Stone is-

“A double-crossing espionage thriller that is joyless, convoluted, and sludgy-looking — in short, abysmal.”

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Gal Gadot in Heart Of Stone

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Laura Venning from the reputed media outlet Empire Magazine pointed out-

“The real problem here is an absence of truly compelling characters, especially the lead; Gadot’s role is too blandly written for her to have anything substantial to grip on to. Despite her efforts, Rachel Stone is about as generic as that name suggests.”

Gal Gadot is seen playing the character of Rachel Stone, an intelligence operative, who ends up struggling between the global peacekeeping organization and the loss of one of its most important yet dangerous assets. Actor Jamie Dornan is also a significant part of the Netflix thriller.

Gal Gadot On The Development Of The Threequel Of Wonder Woman

During an interview with the entertainment outlet Flaunt, Gal Gadot had spoken about Wonder Woman and the development of the third chapter of the superhero franchise. The Red Notice actor had mentioned-

“I was invited to a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran. They told me, and I’m quoting: ‘You’re in the best hands. We’re going to develop Wonder Woman 3 with you. [We] love you as Wonder Woman— you’ve got nothing to worry about.’ So time will tell”

Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

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The leadership of the billion-dollar superhero franchise has been entrusted to James Gunn and Peter Safran. DC has been making headlines every day with the addition and subtraction of prominent names for upcoming projects. The Guardians Of The Galaxy director is way too preoccupied with his first DC project, that the upcoming sequels of the pre-existing franchises have taken a backseat. Fans were devastated after the exit of Henry Cavill from the Superman franchise as James Gunn wanted to go ahead with young and fresh faces for the superhero in Superman: Legacy. 

With the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes and the new leadership at DC, not much can be predicted about the threequel of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. 

Heart Of Stone is currently streaming on Netflix.

Source: Variety

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