The production on Spawn by Todd McFarlane is set to enter its production in eight months but the writer-director is already focusing on its future. While preparing for the production, McFarlane told about the future of his characters.

McFarlane believes that his creation might have a future with Netflix or any other streaming service, for that matter.

“Yes to all of the above,” McFarlane confirmed when asked if he’d ever sell a Spawn property to a streaming service. “I think the world’s changing in front of our very eyes in how we’re going to consume not only entertainment but even movies.”

“There might be a day when you hit a button and Star Wars is on your computer and you won’t have to go to the theatre.”

At the end of it all, McFarlane just wants fans to watch and consume the films he makes.

“I want human beings to see it,” McFarlane reflected. “Whatever that device is, whatever that delivery mechanism is, I’m not going to get married to a distribution model that may not be as relevant or as efficient because that’s how you used to do it. I’ll talk to all of them.”

He revealed in an earlier interview that Spawn will look nothing like its earlier 1997 adaptation by Michael Jai White.

“Does Spawn have a dark mask and his body dark and then does he have a cape in the comic books? Yes, yes, yes. Will he have all of that in the movie? Yes, yes, yes,” McFarlane told us. “So it’s not like I’m going to give him wings instead of a cape and I’m not going to give him no mask instead of a mask. There’s no going to be any of that. It just won’t be exactly what a hardcore fan is used to.

“But I’m hoping that people who just go and are familiar with Spawn will say, ‘Yeah, it’s in the box.’ And people who know nothing about Spawn will go, ‘Wow, that’s cool.’ And I have to design for film goers not for comic book fans because the film goers are going to be bigger than the pool of the comic book fans.”

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