In the dynamics of the cinematic world, the release of yet another trailer has left people across the globe awestruck. After making the fans wait for almost 7 years, Toho has unveiled yet another Godzilla movie, named Godzilla Minus One. Under the Japanese production, this time the movie is seen to have a more giant monster mayhem. The recent release of the movie’s trailer has fans’ minds blown up with its stellar visual effects.

Godzilla Minus One
Godzilla Minus One

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Godzilla Minus One Break the Internet with Breathtaking Visuals

After seven years of waiting, Toho International has surprised their fans with yet another Godzilla movie, but this time under a Japanese production. Godzilla Minus One has awestruck fans across the globe after its recent trailer release.

The outstanding visuals and mass destruction shown in the trailer has the fans more than excited. Taking to the internet, many have praised the trailer and also expressed curiosity in the movie.

Godzilla Minus One
Godzilla Minus One

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Under the direction of Takashi Yamazaki, Godzilla Minus One is going to be the 33rd Japanese-language Godzilla movie and the 37th Godzilla movie overall. While the trailer of the movie teases the return of Godzilla, what has most caught the eye of the fans is the post-World War 2 setting adopted by the creators.

Talking about the movie, Koji Ueda, President of Toho International said,

“Set in post-war Japan, Godzilla Minus One will once again show us a Godzilla that is a terrifying and overwhelming force, which you already get a sense of from the teaser trailer and poster.”

With outstanding visuals and a scary monster, the movie is set to release on November 1 in Japan and December 1 in the US.

Godzilla Minus One Trailer and Everything That has Been Revealed

The recently released trailer of Godzilla Minus One is focused on setting a serious tone for the return of Godzilla. The trailer also hints towards the setting of the movie in the post-World War 2 era. This has led the fans to believe that the movie is set in the late 1940s, although any information on this is still very unclear.

Godzilla Minus One
Godzilla Minus One

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Also, one of the important events in the trailer is when one of the characters recognizes Godzilla, which puzzles the fans as it seems quite off the timeline of the franchise because the first Godzilla attack occurred in 1954.

Despite this, fans are still very excited to see the movie on the big screen. However, they also hope to get more details on the movie from a more expansive trailer

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