It seems Tom Brady is really terrible at ‘retirement.’ Brady made the decision to come back for his 23rd season to finish some “unfinished business” with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers less than two months after he announced his retirement from the National Football League. On Monday night, it seemed like The GOAT was done. It has never been smart business to bet against such players as Brady, who has spent more than 20 years defying the odds since the Patriots selected him in the sixth round 23 years ago. 

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

The seven-time Super Bowl champion claimed that after giving it some thought, he had decided that he still belonged on the field. However, in a dreadful 31-14 loss to the Cowboys in the NFC wild-card round at Raymond James Stadium, the 45-year-old quarterback appeared every bit his age. The 8-10 Buccaneers’ season ends with the defeat, and rumors about Brady’s future start to circulate. As a result of the victory, the 13-5 Cowboys will play the 49ers on Sunday in the divisional round. Perhaps he might decide to return to Tampa or can even play elsewhere.

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When Tom Brady decides to unretire from NFL 

His decision to play another season (his 23rd overall) in the NFL has reportedly caused a rift in his marriage to his ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, who wanted the 45-year-old to officially retire this offseason. Though, Tom Brady left the game on February 1 in order to spend more time with his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, and their three kids. But, after he attended the Manchester United vs. Tottenham Hotspur match, he had second thoughts about staying at home. Also on Sunday, Bucs general manager Jason Licht issued a statement in which he said that he and Arian Foster had several conversations with Brady that led them to think he might make a comeback. Brady’s return wasn’t a surprise to ‘Patriots Insider’ Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston; he just needed some time to process it.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Brady responded, “I’m going to go home and get a good night’s sleep… as good as I can tonight,” when The Post asked him how he would decide whether to continue playing or retire after the game. He replied, “It’ll just be one day at a time, truth,” when asked if he had some plans afterward. 

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Is Tom Brady not in a rush to decide his future?

The 8-10 Buccaneers’ season ends with their defeat on Monday. The performance was depressing. On the second play of the second quarter, no moment in the game showed that Tom Brady was in the mood to retire. However, he did not look like the same player who used to hold almost every significant postseason record for quarterbacks. He looked like someone else while sporting the white No.12 jersey and pewter helmet. The Buccaneers and everyone else are now awaiting his decision on the following steps. After what the world saw on Monday night, Brady may be ready to retire now, especially since he has a 10-year contract worth a reported $375 million to do TV for FOX Sports as soon as he does. 

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

In the most important game of the season for his team, the GOAT reportedly didn’t make it for this particular night. Well, now everyone waits for his decisions. Brady will have the option of playing another season in Tampa as a free agent or joining another team. Otherwise, he may decide to take another look at his retirement plans, possibly permanently.

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Source: NYPOST


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