Recently, a fan-made trailer has gone viral, giving us a glimpse of what an Avengers movie might have looked like in the 1990s. This doesn’t resemble an old superhero flick, though. The trailer uses advanced new technology to imagine the team being played by the biggest action stars of that decade.

The Avengers
A still from The Avengers (Credits: Marvel Entertainment)

Think Tom Cruise as Iron Man, with Brad Pitt stepping into Captain America’s shield. That’s what is shown in the concept trailer. However, the viral AI trailer for a ’90s Avengers movie doesn’t stop at Cruise and Pitt. It dives into a nostalgia pool filled with other iconic actors from the era. This trailer is a fun trip down memory lane for anyone who grew up watching these action heroes on the big screen.

A Star-Studded Avengers Lineup Straight Out of the 90s

Avengers in comics (Credits: Marvel)
Avengers in comics (Credits: Marvel)

The viral ’90s Avengers trailer is packed with an incredible cast. It uses ‘deepfakes’ to place these stars right into the comic book world. Imagine Morgan Freeman as Nick Fury or Johnny Depp as Doctor Strange.

It gets even better. The trailer shows Denzel Washington as the powerful Black Panther and Leonardo DiCaprio as a wisecracking Spider-Man. Dolph Lundgren wields Thor’s hammer, and Jim Carrey is seen as the trickster god Loki.

Ben Stiller portrays the role of Ant-Man, and the Lara Croft actress Angelina Jolie takes on the mantle of Black Widow. While David Duchovny is perfect as the Bruce Banner, Eddie Murphy’s charisma shines through as Falcon. Even Kevin Costner also fits well as the skilled archer Hawkeye.

Keanu Reeves becomes the enigmatic Winter Soldier and Michelle Pfeiffer takes on the role of the Wasp. Though Christian Bale is synonymous with Caped Crusader, he channels his intensity into Quicksilver. Winona Ryder looks perfect fit for Scarlet Witch with her ethereal beauty.

Charlize Theron’s strength and confidence make her a natural Captain Marvel. Cuba Gooding Jr. brings his charisma to War Machine. Finally, the legendary David Bowie turns into Vision and Ron Perlman’s imposing presence as Thanos looms large in the trailer. Check out the trailer below:

This AI trailer offers a glimpse into a star-studded Avengers team that could have dominated the ’90s box office.

Fans React to ’90s Stars as MCU Heroes in AI Trailer

The Avengers
The Avengers’ logo (Credits: Wikimedia Commons – Marvel Studios)

Who wouldn’t want to see their favorite ’90s actors team up to save the world? It’s a fun idea that lets fans imagine their dream cast. The ’90s was an important time for comic book fans, and seeing those familiar faces as superheroes brings back childhood memories. The AI trailer brought back those nostalgic feelings!

Check out some fan reactions:

The huge amount of fan-made content shows how popular these actors remain and how much people love the Avengers. It’s a celebration of 90s cinema, fueled by nostalgia and the dream of seeing these stars together on screen.

The only Avengers movie fans can look up to now is Avengers 5 releasing on May 1, 2026!

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