The most bankable star of Hollywood, Tom Cruise, enjoys a rather successful career. But while he achieves success in the entertainment industry, his love life seems to be degrading constantly. Kickstarting his career in the 80s, the actor managed to keep his love life quite wild. However, the psychiatry-slamming celebrity, after having a couple of failed marriages, seems to find s*x not so interesting.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Appearing for an interview with a German magazine in 2005, Tom Cruise touched upon several topics, in his wide-ranging conversation. Navigating through discussions about marriages, children, and mortality, the actor continued to share more than what was needed. While discussing romance and his love life, the $600M rich actor expressed his lack of fascination with physical intimacy. 

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Tom Cruise Shares His Disinterest In Intimacy

Hollywood’s A-lister Tom Cruise, known for his successful career and rendezvous with the industry’s most enchanting actresses, singers, and models, once appeared for an interview with a German magazine. However, looking at the interview in retrospect, it seems, although the actor is known for being the s*x appeal in Hollywood, in reality, he’s not really interested in s*x. 

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise discusses his love life

Discussing relationships in depth, the actor expressed his love language. Sharing his opinion on meaningful intimacy in a relationship, Tom Cruise discussed his idea of s*x. “S*x is great if you are in a relationship,” Cruise mentioned. Further, adding to his opinion, Cruise stated, “Otherwise, I find s*x actually not so interesting.” 

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise expresses his love language

Often known for his conservative ideology due to his association with the Church of Scientology, Tom Cruise claimed, “Without a relationship it (s*x) is confusing.” Further touching on different topics regarding his love life, children, and his opinion on rebirth, the actor navigated through the interview. 

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Tom Cruise’s Relationship Timeline

Love seems to be a risky business for the 60-year-old Mission Impossible star. Despite being one of Hollywood’s hottest men, Tom Cruise seems to fail at charming and maintaining a long-term relationship or marriage. Known for sharing famous flames off-screen, Cruise is often associated with two of his exes, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. However, the actor dated several other gorgeous celebrities. 

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay

Associating with Melissa Gilbert in the 1980s the couple claimed to share an innocent bond. Refusing to have s*x with each other, the pair ended up making out and sharing a cherishing bond. However, after breaking up with Gilbert, Cruise moved on with Rebecca De Mornay in 1983 as they brought their onscreen chemistry into real life. However, dating for roughly 2 years, Cruise went on to date Cher in 1985. 

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Tom Cruise
Mimi Rogers and Cruise

Sharing a fling with Cher, the Top Gun actor further associated with Mimi Rogers. Tying the knot in 1987, the couple divorced after three years of marriage. Attempting to move on from his marriage with Rogers, Cruise got involved with Nicole Kidman. Having the most notorious relationship of all time, the couple got married in 1990, only to split in 2001. Further, Tom Cruise dated Penelope Cruz from 2001 to 2004. 

Tom Cruise
Cruise with Katie Holmes

Later, in 2005, Cruise started dating Katie Holmes, to become the most renowned couple of the mid-2000s. Tying the knot in 2006, after welcoming a daughter together, the couple ended up separating in 2012. Although Cruise dated two other women after his third failed marriage, the actor seems to face difficulty in finding his soulmate.

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