Shakira’s dating life has been one of the most talked about topics this year after the singer’s painful breakup with Gerard Pique. She went through a really tough time after her split and tried her best not to let any of it affect her sons. For her and her son’s better life away from the media, she shifted back to Miami as being close to her family and friends would help her to heal. While her dating life was packed with rumors for months, things are now getting more transparent for her fans as she is allegdly together with Lewis Hamilton!

Shakira Receives Billboard’s Inaugural Latin Woman of the Year Award.

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Shakira Entangled In Her Love Triangle

After her highly publicized breakup with Gerard Pique in June 2022, all eyes are set on Shakira’s dating life as everyone is curious about who will be the singer’s subsequent love interest. After the split, Shakira decided to leave Barcelona and shift to Miami with her two sons, where her own family also resides. Soon after, she was spotted with Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise at F1 Miami Grand Prix. The two had really good moments there which also sparked their dating rumors but it was dismissed soon as there were rumors that it was one-sided only from the actor’s end.

After the tournament, Shakira was spotted with legendary F1 racer Lewis Hamilton and thus started another dating rumor about the singer. Within days the three seemed to be in a love triangle, and there were multiple media and fans speculations. But with recent updates about Shakira and Lewis Hamilton’s romantic moments, it is crystal clear that Tom Cruise is out of the race to win Shakira’s heart.

Shakira is surrounded by dating rumors post her split with Gerard Pique.

Heat magazine confirmed from close sources that Shakira did not share romantic feelings for Tom Cruise. As per sources, “He came away convinced they had a real connection they needed to build on,” the source said. “She doesn’t want to embarrass or upset him, but there’s no attraction or romance on her part — she was just being friendly. She’s flattered but not interested..”

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Details Of The Romance of Shakira and Lewis Hamilton

Colombian singer Shakira and F1 racer Lewis Hamilton have known each other for years and share a great bond of friendship, but lately, this bond has evolved, and the two are now romantically connected. Recently in Barcelona, they were seen as affectionate. No doubt that it has been a tough year for Shakira because of her painful split from long-time partner Gerard Pique but now it seems that good times lie ahead of Shakira.

As per exclusive reports of Vanitatis El Confidencial, direct sources from the singer’s family have confirmed about Shakira and Lewis Hamilton’s romantic relationship. Sources even cited that eyewitnesses confirmed- “In the Montmeló paddock there were cuddling and they even kissed,

Rumors suggest that Shakira has chosen Lewis Hamilton Over Tom Cruise.

Sources close to Shakira reveal that the couple professes affection in their close circle in front of the people they are absolutely comfortable with and that their relationship is currently in the beginning stage and everything is going smoothly. The same sources shared that the Waka Waka singer is finally experiencing happiness after a long period of pain and trouble.

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Source: Vanitatis El Confidencial 

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