Villains are often seen as cold-hearted, murderous sociopaths who don’t believe in forming connections or starting relationships with people. Some of these superheroes don’t feel the need to be understood and like staying alone while there are a few who have teamed up with their significant counterparts and ended up as super villain couples. So today we will tell you about 6 lethal super villain couples of all times.

6. Joker and Harley Quinn
A couple list without these two would never be complete. These two share a mixture of madness and chemistry which have made them one of the most beloved villain couples of all times. Their relationship is often unhealthy but then that’s how psychopaths are, aren’t they?
Their romance began when Dr. Quinzel was assigned to be Joker’s personal psychiatrist at Arkham. Joker soon developed feelings inside the Doctor and she went to become his Queen in the world of crime.

5. Magneto and Mystique
He has romanced mutants from Rogue to Scarlett Witch while using his mind bending abilities to create affection with anyone he wants to. In the movies, we often see him paired with Mystique in X-Men: Apocalypse.
They’ve always been allies in comics and have been members of the Brotherhood of Mutants but their relationship turned romantic recently. Magneto’s acceptance of how Mystique is in reality lays the foundation of their relationship.

4. Penguin and The Riddler
There haven’t been many gay relationships in film and TV and even in comics recently but now it’s happening with villains and heroes reflecting the current modern times. The series Gotham shows the relationship between Penguin and Riddler which is the exact opposite of what we’ve seen in the comics.
Riddler understands Penguin’s pain for being born deformed and respects him for his genius intellect.

3. Doom and White Queen
Doctor Doom is a super villain who is feared by all but being a genius, we feel that it wouldn’t be really tough for him to find a date. He has had close relations with Emma Frost who was White Queen during the time.
Doom can also manipulate objects with his armour and can exchange minds with other people.

2. Amora The Enchantress and The Skurge
Amora is a powerful Asgardian goddess who can make men kneel at her feet. She’s often a villain to Thor like Loki and well, she has a loverboy called The Skurge by her side. His love for Amora is never really returned and though Skurge is also a great Asgardian and has great size and knows magic but he loves Amora with all he has.

1. Thanos and Death
Thanos’ inhibition to collect all Infinity Stones and wipe out half of the Earth was done JUST to impress Lady Death. Death is a cosmic entity that has taken a female form to personify death itself. Her immense knowledge of the universe has attracted Thanos over the years. Being a powerful Eternal, if he ever wins her hand, they would really be the most powerful couple ever!

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