English TV show host and actor Jeremy Clarkson is widely known for the motoring programs Top Gear and The Grand Tour, which he hosted alongside Richard Hammond and James May. Over the years, Clarkson has achieved a lot of things as an influential TV personality, but his most recent achievement might make people reevaluate things.

Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson | Picture by Petr Magera | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Clarkson has been named the sexiest man alive in the UK, leaving behind the likes of Tom Holland, Idris Elba, and possibly every single English male celebrity one can think of when it comes to good looks.

Jeremy Clarkson Is Named the Sexiest Man Alive in UK

Jeremy Clarkson in a still from Clarkson's Farm
Jeremy Clarkson in a still from Clarkson’s Farm | Source: Amazon Prime Video

Jeremy Clarkson began his career as a writer before he got the chance to become a TV presenter. However, what has been common in his success in both of these professions is his love for motors. His opinionated and humorous TV presenting style landed him the job as one of the hosts of the British motoring magazine program Top Gear in 1988. He hosted the show until 1999 and was then re-hired in 2002.

In addition to Top Gear, Clarkson also hosted the first series of Robot Wars, and between 1998 and 2000, he also hosted his own talk show, Clarkson. As of now, he is among the cast of the docuseries Clarkson’s Farm. The show’s third season was released earlier this month.

Regardless, perhaps surprisingly, Clarkson was named the Sexiest Man Alive in the UK in an annual poll conducted by IllicitEncounters (via Mirror). The website describes itself as a “leading married-dating website”. Surprisingly, he has managed to achieve this feat two times in a row as he was also voted top of the poll in 2023 (via Mirror).

According to Mirror, 2000 female members of the dating website voted on the poll. The voters were asked to rate a list of 50 of the “most famous, culturally relevant names” from last year. Each of the names was said to be scored from 1 to 10, with 10 as the highest score, based on the level of their “sexiness”.

Who Else is On This List That Jeremy Clarkson Is Leading?

Tom Holland
Tom Holland | Source: tomholland2013 on Instagram

Clarkson is reportedly leading the list of the 50 sexiest men in the country with a score of 9, which implies that he has a better score than last year, when he had an 8. That being said, the list also features some of the most well-known male celebrities.

According to Mirror, with a score of 8, MCU star Tom Holland is right behind the 64-year-old TV presenter. Prince William’s ranking has also improved as he now holds the third position on the list, instead of the fourth he had last year.

The British Royal family member is followed by football manager Gareth Southgate and Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy. Surprisingly, Thor star Idris Elba did not even make it to the top 5 as he holds the sixth position. Romesh Ranganthan, Sam Thompson, Russ Cook and Dermot O’Leary are the other names who managed to make it to the top 10 on the list.

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