Top Gun: Maverick (Watch Trailer) is a 2022 Action drama film directed by Joseph Kosinski. It is a sequel to the Top Gun (1986) directed by Tony Scott. Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer returned to the shoot continuing with the sequel, along with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott being the director. By 2012, when a draft for the screenplay was finished, Scott, unfortunately, died of suicide. The film thus took a halt out of grievance until 2017, when Kosinski was hired. He wrote a new draft and sat on the chair of the director.

top gun: maverick, tom cruise
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: The Maverick

The release of the sequel on May 27, 2022, was chaotic and won the hearts of all the people. The film hit the box office with power and was successful both financially and critically. Veteran Tom Cruise revived the olden times and was still seen to be giving out similar energy.

Top Gun: The Maverick and its New Achievement

tom cruise, top gun
Tom Cruise in Top Gun 1986

In the second week of the sequel’s release, the film grossed to unexpected heights. The Paramount Pictures distribution hit $90 Million, even above the estimation as of Sunday which counted $86 million. According to Comscore, the sales for the ticket during the second week only lowered to 29%, which records as the lowest percentage for a movie to have debuted for over $100 million, in history! Normally, even the good openers, usually witness a drop down of 50%, which is impressive for Top Gun: Maverick, to not have done so.

The film overtook Cruise’s highest-grossed film War of The Worlds, right by the 10th day. It has also ran over Mission Impossible: Fallout Box Office Collections. Studies say that the film is likely to grow more and keep entertaining. The film has certainly been a boon to theatres post the pandemic. The film could also possibly overtake the limit of $1 billion, although it is tough to do so without being on the big screens of China and Russia. In a recent statement to the press, Chris Aronson, the president of Paramount’s domestic distribution, wrote, ” It has never been more appropriate to say ‘the sky’s the limit’ for ‘Top Gun: Maverick.”

tom cruise, cannes film festival, top gun: Maverick
Tom Cruise at the Cannes Film Festival 2022

The film also made an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival, 2022, receiving a five-minute long standing ovation from the audience. Tom Cruise was awarded an Honorary Palme d’Or award for the film and his performance after decades.

The sequel is also declared to have given a rise in the viewership of the original Top Gun: Maverick from 1986. However, the impact of the sequel was so heavy that the 1986 film didn’t seem to make much of an impact. The film was made it at the top of the U.S. streaming charts last week. The 1986 was also the most popular streaming title for the earlier week. Moreover, it also hit the No. 1 place on Apple’s iTunes movie charts in the United States. Until last week Friday, ‘Top Gun’ stood at the fourth spot on Prime Video’s Top 10 titles in the United States. However, the impression of the sequel was so heavy that the 1986 film didn’t seem to make much of an impact.

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