Talk show host Kelly Ripa has reacted to T.J Holmes and Amy Robach’s scandal. Ripa explained in a recent interview how Holmes and Robach’s controversy has made her and her husband decide something while they will be working together. Mark Consuelos will be soon joining her wife after Ryan Seacrest announced his departure from the show Live with Kelly and Ryan. 

Kelly Ripa at an event
Kelly Ripa at an event

Ripa discussed how she plans to keep a certain distance from her husband when he joins her as a co-host soon.

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Kelly Ripa says she and her husband Mark Consuelos have taken a vow of chastity

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa
Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa recently made an appearance on the show Watch What Happens Live and the host of the show Andy Cohen asked Ripa some questions from her fans. One of the questions from the fans was regarding T.J. Holmes and Robach’s controversy. The question for the 52-year-old actress and host was as her husband will be soon joining her as the co-host what was her reaction to Holmes and Robach’s controversy? 

Cohen stated after asking Ripa the question that Holmes and Robach should have been on the show because they were compelling. While responding to fan questions. Ripa stated,

“Mark and I have taken a vow of chastity while we will be working together.”

She further added,

“I know how ABC does not like that… TV partners bangin’ on the side. So, we promise, no bangin’ on the side for us.”

This comment by Ripa has been making rounds on the internet. Netizens think that Cheaper by the Dozen actress was making fun of Robach and Holmes. 

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Hosts T.J Holmes and Amy Robach were reportedly romantically involved 

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach
T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach

Holmes and Robach hosted Good Morning America. Many people were surprised when ABC hosts Holmes and Robach were seen getting cozy in public.  The photos of the two went viral quickly, and ABC decided to take action because they were allegedly romantically involved. In one of the photos, Holmes is seen touching Robach’s backside while she is loading bags into the trunk of a car. This photo was taken during a weekend getaway. 

The former ABC hosts were asked not to return for future projects because ABC was against Holmes and Robach getting romantically involved. The connection between Holmes and Robach became a scandal in November 2022. According to reports, Holmes is married to Marilee Fiebig and was previously married to Amy Ferson. The 50-year-old American journalist is married to Andrew Shue and previously married to Tim McIntosh.

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The recently departed ABC talk show hosts disabled their Instagram account shortly after rumors of their relationship became public, as many people began commenting on their photos. Netizens began sharing photos of Holmes and Robach, claiming that the rumored couple was always very close. Holmes and Robach, as well as their respective spouses, have yet to comment on the controversy. 

Source: Deadline


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