TV Shows often become a part of our daily lives. We indulge in their stories and sometimes even try to change the course of our lives as the story of our favorite show proceeds. The span of time is significant enough for us to connect with the characters. However, as said staying at the same place for a massive amount of time may cause grudges. The same stands true for our favorite TV shows.

If the makers fail to unplug their show at a right time, it might turn into a complete disaster. If you don’t believe this let us bring to you the instances where the final seasons completely ruined their shows’ legacy.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother -
How I Met Your Mother

While unexpected endings in films are frequently lauded, they’re more challenging to attain in tv, where characters and circumstances have been established over time. This program dragged on for four seasons too long, especially for viewers who were looking for clues to identify the mother and were then given a character who was completely unsatisfying. By the end of ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ the audience, as well as Ted’s children to whom he was narrating the tale were exhausted and irritated.


Dexter -

The deadly concept of a serial murderer who trained himself to kill bad men was long dead and gone by the time ‘Dexter’ ended. For far too long, the creators’ efforts to make the character obey his moral code of avoiding killing the innocent resulted in their coming up with expedient alternatives. Someone would come in and execute that character every time he was on the verge of being discovered. The final episode of ‘Dexter‘ aired in September 2013, and it is largely regarded as one of the worst finales ever.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 8 finale -
Game of Thrones (Season 8)

The show’s own finale wrecked it, and it’s a trauma from which it’ll never fully heal. There are several reasons why the eighth and final season was a big disaster. David Benioff and DB Weiss, the show’s creators and showrunners, have taken a lot of the heat for the show’s failure. Everything else about Season 8 – the actors, the design, the effects – was on point for their victorious finale. However, the writing was a complete letdown. This is what follows when writers try to land the dragon as swiftly and gently as they can by not writing effectively.


Lost -

The central mysteries of Lost had always been the show’s driving force. The two-part finale didn’t provide many answers, and viewers were split down the middle. Damon Lindelof’s spiritualistic leaning comes out in full force here, and while there was a big group that adores how things ended up, the finale’s critics complained that it was overlong, confusing, and overindulgent. To be honest, it perhaps was the most mistaken ending ever.

The Office

The Office
The Office

The one thing that most of us can agree on regarding ‘The Office‘ is that it will always be one of the finest series to ever grace our screens, whether it went on for too long or not. It might have possibly been the best if it had known when to shut it down. The Office deviated from the core of what it was designed to be — an absurd comedy – by focusing so much on Jim and Pam’s relationship. With their romance taking up too much time, the humor quotient dropped. As a result, considering the show’s reputation, the finale of The Office was not as spectacular as it could have been.

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