Two And A Half Men became a classic show in the 2000s. The comedy show aired from 2003-2015 on CBS, with Ashton Kutcher and Charlie Sheen playing the lead role in the show (at different times). The comedy show spanned over 12 seasons and traced the story of the Harper brothers, Charlie, Alan, and his 10-year-old nephew Jake. After divorcing his wife, Alan relocates to live with his older brother Charlie, a hedonistic jingle writer.

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen

Sheen was fired from the show after eight seasons after numerous unsavory incidents. The makers were looking for a potential replacement, and they found it in Kutcher. The exit of the 57-year-old resulted in a decline in rating, but the show survived till 2015. Sheen was a major part of the show, and with the news of a potential reboot of Two and a Half Men in the near future, he might get to be a part of it under certain conditions. 

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Charlie Sheen May Return to Two And A Half Men Reboot

Charlie Sheen Campaigns for Two and a Half Men Reboot
Charlie Sheen

The popular series Two and a Half Men and Charlie Sheen go hand in hand. For his part in the comedy show, the actor attracted admiration and renown on a global scale. His stellar supporting cast also helped make the show a fan favorite.  

The show ended eight years ago but still maintains a devoted fan base. Recently, there have been reports of a reboot of Two And A Half Men. The news has excited fans, and to their surprise, the 57-year-old actor might be part of the cast.

Sheen had a controversial exit from the show after eight seasons. With the reboot in talks, people can see the Platoon actor reprise his famous role, but there is a condition.

Given the history of Sheen with alcohol, the makers have put up a condition in front of the actor. He needs to be sober to be part of the comedy show. 

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Why was Charlie Sheen fired from Two And A Half Men?

Charlie Sheen in 'Two and Half Men'
Charlie Sheen in Two and Half Men

Sheen has a history with alcohol. During his time on the show, the actor was struggling with substance and alcohol abuse. He even had a conflict with the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre. So after the eighth season, the actor was fired from the show, and Ashton Kutcher came in to save the day. 

In the show, Sheen’s character was killed off. His numerous mistresses had attended his funeral, and his opulent seaside home had been listed for sale.

The 57-year-old actors’ departure cost the show its viewership. There was a sudden drop in ratings as people missed his distinctive presence. The show also failed to maintain the same level of interest among fans, and thus concluded after four more seasons.

The relationship between The Rookie actor and Lorre has significantly improved since then. The duo collaborated on the comedy How to be a Bookie which will soon premiere on the Max platform.

Two And A Half Men is available to stream on Netflix.

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