Everybody knows the Two And A Half Men star and the endless controversies related to him. He got married to the media personality Brooke Mueller after legally separating from The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star in November 2006. Brooke Mueller became the tabloid’s favorite during her messy divorce and custody battle with her ex-husband Charlie Sheen in 2011. 

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

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The American actor’s association with drug abuse is not hidden from the media. She was arrested in 1996 for driving under the influence and damage to property too. Brooke Mueller’s obsession with substance abuse was one of the most important reasons behind the temporary custody of her kids given to Denise Richards. The celebrity has overcome her past demons and is currently taking care of her twin kids in Los Angeles.

Charlie Sheen’s Ex-Wife Brooke Mueller Has Moved On From Her Past

Brooke Mueller made headlines with her arrest due to the drugs scandal at the Texas airport in 2021. According to an insider close to Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife,

“This past year Brooke has really gotten her act together and it seems like she has left her demons in the past.”

The insider went on to explain, 

“Her whole life now revolves around her two boys and she’s pretty much living a soccer mom life. She’s either bringing the kids back-and-forth from school, taking them to football practice or shuttling them around with their friends. It’s been a long, hard road for Brooke, but she is a fighter and her two boys are what keeps her going.”

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Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

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Brooke Mueller’s life circled around substance abuse and coming in and out of the rehabilitation center after her 2021 arrest. The 45-year-old media personality was arrested on the possession of one gram or more but less than four grams of meth and a very amount of amphetamine on March 3, 2021. She was released after two days on a $1,000 bail. Her sentence document mentioned-

“You have been placed on community supervision as an alternative to incarceration on this 13th day of December 2021 for the period of 2 years, for the offense of (possession) by the Honorable Mike Thomas in the Criminal District Court #4, Tarrant County, Texas.”

After coming out from her dark past, the celebrity has taken up various hobbies like painting, jewelry designing, and snowboarding to keep herself busy. She is currently living a peaceful life away from the media lights with her twins Max and Bob in Los Angeles. 

Turbulent Relationship Of Charlie Sheen And Brooke Mueller Relationship

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller met each other through a common friend actor Rebecca Gayheart in 2006. The Anger Management actor had already broken up with his ex-wife Denise Richards. Sparks flew and Charlie Sheen got married to Brooke Mueller in 2008 after dating for one year in a private ceremony in Beverly Hills. They welcomed their kids Max Sheen, and Bob Sheen, in March 2009.

Charlie Sheen was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse. He was sentenced to 36 hours of anger management, 30 days in a drug rehab center, and 30 days of probation too. In 2010, the duo filed for a divorce. The ex-couple had a messy custody battle for their twins Max and Bob. Gregory J. Pedrick, the attorney of Charlie Sheen had shared in a statement to the media outlet Us that mentioned-

“Mr. Sheen and Ms. Mueller recognize together the great benefit to their children in peacefully, privately coming to terms focused on the family’s overall best interests. They should be applauded for making that happen.” 

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Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

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After a long battle, the ex-couple settled for co-parenting of their children in 2022. The twins were placed under the care of Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards due to an ‘unsafe environment’ created at home by their mother. During Brooke Mueller’s stay at the rehab, Charlie Sheen issued a statement talking about the well-being of the mother of his twin kids, which stated-

 “Brooke is currently tucked away (yet again!) for the umpteen billionth time, seeking the help she needs.”

Their nasty courtroom trials concerning the custody of their kids made the ex-couple a tabloid favorite. Charlie Sheen has always made headlines with his anger management issues and coming out as HIV positive in the past. The messy custody battle of Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen impacted their public image too. 


Source: Radar Online

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