Recently, the pop world has been taken over by the dating news of Avril Lavigne and Tyga. Their relationship began immediately after Lavigne broke off her engagement with her ex Mod Sun recently. Since then the new couple seems to be doing various romantic gestures for and with each other. This has naturally attracted hate from Sun’s fandom and they did not fail to show it in one of the tour concerts. But despite the hate, the Fantastic rapper further expressed his love for his new girlfriend by presenting her with an expensive diamond necklace.

Tyga Gifts Avril Lavigne a Diamond Necklace Amid Hate

Avril Lavigne and Tyga
Avril Lavigne and Tyga

When it comes to the dating scene, it could be fleeting in some cases, while in other cases it could lead to something long-term. That is what exactly happened in the case of Avril Lavigne and her ex, Mod Sun. Though, It did not take the Complicated hitmaker too long to move on after ending her engagement with him. She soon began her romantic journey once again with American rapper Tyga.

But due to this, Sun’s fans have thrown hate towards the Ibiza rapper recently. And it is all because of how fast the new couple is taking their romance forward. Tyga and Lavigne were spotted on various occasions together. And it has been going on since the couple made it official Mugler x Hunter Schafer party.

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Mod Sun
Mod Sun

And although he was bashed by the fan of his girlfriend’s ex, this does not affect his relationship. It is evident from the recent present that the rapper gifted to Lavigne. According to TMZ, he gifted 80k dollars worth of diamond necklaces to the I’m With you singer. The necklace is made up of 50-carat diamonds, white diamonds, and pink sapphires. And it also has “Avril” written on it. She was spotted flaunting the jewelry which means she must be focused on the new relationship at the moment.

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How Did Mod Sun’s Fans React?

Mod Sun
Mod Sun

Mod Sun kicked off his tour with Travie McCoy around the same time he separated from ex Avril Lavigne. And as she seems to have quickly moved on with Tyga, this did not ain’t right with his fans. And they showed their support for Sun amid the break up in his recent concert. His tour partner McCoy started it all by shouting “f*ck you, Tyga”. Sun’s fans and supporters joined with McCoy and they shouted the words out loud to show their disappointment at the Ibiza singer.

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Source: TMZ

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