Small and interesting details you might have missed in the trailer of Uncharted. A very unlikely yet perfect duo is seen in the upcoming Uncharted movie trailer. Yes, we’re talking about Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. The former is playing Nathan Drake while the latter is playing Victor Sullivan. The MCU star is on the road to glory by becoming a celebrated action movie star with movies like the Spider-Man franchise, Cherry, and now, Uncharted. With the last mentioned movie, Holland and Sony’s relation only gets more solid. We even saw the official trailer recently. However, there are some small details that you may have missed and we’re here to cover them for you. Check it out!

1. One Ring Will Start It All

Uncharted: Small details you may have missed
Uncharted: Small details you may have missed

In the trailer, we see a ring that is in Nathan’s possession. The ring belongs to the legendary explorer Sir Francis Drake. Moreover, Nate claims to be his descendant. It is engraved with the phrase “Sic Parvis Magna,” which when translated from Latin means, “Greatness from Small Beginnings.” Now, this is also the first treasure that Nathan steals to beta Sully. And this is where the mentor-protege relationship starts. However, it seems that Sully is using it as a bargaining chip for Nathan, and the ring can hold much more weight than just being a treasure.

2. Road To Lottery Isn’t Really A Road

Uncharted: Mid-air flight scene
Uncharted: Mid-air flight scene

One thing is for sure after seeing the trailer and i.e., the star cast is headed to an exotic location that isn’t accessible via roads. The trailer also unveils the big bad of the film who looks a lot like Antonio Banderas. One can quickly figure out that the plane that Drake boards are of this mentioned bad guy and it’s definitely headed somewhere. Also, the sequence suggests that the bad guy (and his team) will go to any lengths to get rid of Holland’s Nathan. Hilariously, Nathan is even hit by a red sports car which literally comes out of nowhere.

3. Major Change To Wahlberg’s Sully

Uncharted: Victor Sullivan does not have a moustache anymore
Uncharted: Victor Sullivan does not have a mustache anymore

We’re excited to see Mark Wahlberg in full-blown action once again. This is something that suits his overall personality, and his comic timing is something that we all love. Now, he’s playing Victor Sullivan, aka Sully in the movie. But one major change, which might be overlooked by some fans is, is mad to Wahlberg’s Sully. Yes, and that is the iconic mustache. Of course, this is a look that might have not have suited Mark and hence, the director had to make a bold move to remove the iconic feature.

4. Where Are You, Sam Drake?

Uncharted: Where is Sam Drake, Nathan's brother?
Uncharted: Where is Sam Drake, Nathan’s brother?

Sam Drake is an essential character to the story even though he turns up later on in Uncharted 4. However, he doesn’t show up in this massive storytelling trailer. So, where is he? Well, it is clear that Sony is hiding the said character, and for all the right reasons. Sully makes it clear that it’s loot and a rescue mission by saying, “We find that gold, we find him too.” This makes it clear that the character will show up sooner or later in the film too.

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