A conflict between creativity and copyright has once again taken center stage in the industry of internet humor and content production. Nigel Ng, a well-known YouTuber and comedian known for his humorous alter ego Uncle Roger, has run into some trouble.

Youtuber Nigel Ng
Nigel Ng

Toei Animation has issued him a copyright strike, and the debate centers on his most recent video, Uncle Roger Review ONE PIECE Japanese Curry. The junction of fandom, comedy, and intellectual property rights in the digital era is complicated by this trend.

Nigel Ng’s Uncle Roger Suffers Copyright Clash

Uncle Roger
Nigel Ng as Uncle Roger

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Nigel Ng is a comedian and YouTuber most known for his portrayal of the stereotyped Southeast Asian uncle Uncle Roger who reacts to people’s poor attempts to prepare traditional Asian meals. Ng recently published his video, entitled Uncle Roger Review ONE PIECE Japanese Curry. Uncle Roger watches the cooking sequences in the video A Recipe Handed Down! The One Piece Sanji, the Iron Man of Curry! episode 133. Ng’s Uncle Roger alter persona is well-known for his response videos to cooking-related content and his use of the dejected sound “haiyaaa”. Ng tweeted a screenshot of the strike along with the following statement in a comment on his YouTube community page:

“Haiyaaa Uncle Roger got copyright striked and YouTube is removing my latest weejio (One Piece review) from the platform in 5 days… If you haven’t watched it yet, go watch and share it now before it’s gone” 😢

Toei Animation, the company that owns the rights to the well-known One Piece anime series, is serious about its intellectual property and promptly removed Uncle Roger’s YouTube video from the site after filing a copyright strike. Millions of people have watched the One Piece video after Ng urged followers to do so before it was deleted. Other popular Western-based YouTubers have also received copyright threats from Toei Animation as they’re quite strict with their content.

Nigel Ng Went From Comedian to YouTube Sensation with Uncle Roger

YouTuber Uncle Roger
Nigel Ng

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Talented comedian and video producer Nigel Ng has had a major influence on the YouTube community with his humorous character Uncle Roger. Ng, a Malaysian-born British citizen, began making comedic skits and films for social media platforms while he was just a teenager. But it was his portrayal as Uncle Roger that propelled him to worldwide renown. With his exaggerated Asian auntie image, Uncle Roger became famous for his funny and realistic responses to cooking videos, especially those that included Asian cuisine.

Nigel Ng successfully utilizes Uncle Roger in his YouTube series to bring down and provide fun to the food industry. He frequently makes fun of cooking methods and offers hilarious commentary on Asian food in his videos. Ng is a well-known name in the world of internet comedy thanks to his sharp sense of timing and humorous delivery, Uncle Roger will always find a way if he runs into copyright issues as he’s very famous among his fans and he never fails to update them about his videos as soon as possible.

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