Part of Anthony Mackie’s new outfit was seen when the actor was shooting on location, according to a new series of set images released today. After the events of the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam Wilson, played by actor Anthony Mackie, will make his debut appearance as Captain America in the film. The actor can be seen sporting a platinum Captain America emblem on his chest while donning a blue suit. The photo was taken in Atlanta, Georgia, during the second MCU filming.

Sam Wilson Revealed as Captain America
Sam Wilson Revealed as Captain America

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Anthony Mackie Has A Brand New Suit

The new Captain America outfit worn by Anthony Mackie is perfectly suited for covert operations. It’s unclear why the character gets a brand-new suit in the film, but MCU heroes have a history of getting them when they appear on the big screen.

Sam Wilson might end up wearing two outfits, just as Steve Rogers did in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson

Wilson received his magnificent Captain America suit from the Wakandans during The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, complete with vibranium-infused wings. Although it’s conceivable that his original attire is still in the film, this new blue and gold outfit might be reserved for a particular task.

The Serpent Society, a well-known Captain America antagonist from the comics, is speculated to make their film debut.

The Wakandans or other allies of the character might have given Sam Wilson’s new costume, which would have given the Star-Spangled Avenger increased protection or poison resistance.

Of course, when the production team begins to release official content for the eagerly anticipated blockbuster, we won’t get a full look and a finalized version of the outfit, but for the time being, we can see that the new cap suit is a little darker than the previous one and has a recognizable star on the chest, while the stripes appear to have been altered. Additionally, Mackie retains the Falcon goggles, indicating that elements of his old alter identity would still be included in the new costume.

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Captain America’s Shield: The Iconic Marvel Symbol

The circular, unbreakable, star-spangled shield worn by Captain America is instantly recognizable when it comes to superhero clothing and has a rich history in the Marvel comic book universe that is almost as durable as the shield itself.

Captain America's shield
Captain America’s shield

The most well-known of his shields is a disc-shaped device with concentric blue, red, and white circles surrounding a five-pointed star pattern in the center. This shield is made of a rare mixture of proto-adamantium, a third catalyst that is unknown and has never been duplicated, steel alloy, and vibranium. It is practically unbreakable. For Captain America, it serves as both a defense and an offensive weapon.

The genesis of Captain America’s shield in the movies and comic books is the main distinction. In comic books, Myron McClain invented the traditional shield by fusing steel and vibranium under mysterious conditions. In the movies, Howard Stark created the shield, which is made entirely of vibranium.

Chris Evans as Captain America
Chris Evans as Captain America

But what makes the shield such a potent, familiar emblem of Captain America and of the heroic archetype he embodies is its simplicity—both as a tool and as iconography.

Captain America: New World Order is set to premiere in theaters on May 3, 2024.

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