Venom: Let There be Carnage has already set the hype train on overdrive mode. These are a few characters we definitely hope to see in Venom 2.

Morbius The Living Vampire

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Morbius was supposed to be released on July 202. The movie seems to be cursed. Jared Leto, who plays the titular character in the movie, would be an utter waste if he is not re-used by Sony in the other superhero movies under its arsenal. Venom is rumored to be roughly happening during the same timeline as Morbius The Living Vampire. This revelation could drastically change things. Morbius appearing in Venom would open the doors to a room full of possibilities for Venom 2 and beyond.

Peter Parker

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Marvel would die before they let Spider-Man make an appearance in Venom 2. Tom Holland has a contract with Marvel Studios and he has to honor it. But Sony and Marvel seem to have struck a secret deal behind closed doors. The Venom-Verse apparently has been granted the blessings of Marvel Studios. So we would not be surprised if Holland appears in the movie in a cameo, dressed up as Peter Parker.

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It is impossible to assume that Riot and Venom were the only two symbiotes to ever discover Earth. The existence of the Life Foundation is a precursor for the things to come. The next symbiote to make its presence felt in venom 2 will probably be Agony, one of the Venom ‘off-springs’ in the comic books. In the comics, the Agony symbiote latches on to Leslie Gesneria. And that would mean other venom symbiote off-springs – Scream, Lasher and Phage could also make an appearance.


Carrion Spider Man e1541004695382.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=740&h=264&dpr=1

Malcolm McBride was infected with a virus that mutated his body and gave him an incredible ability. But the powers he was granted came at a cost. Carrion can disintegrate any organic matter via touch. He was part of Carnage’s family during the Maximum Carnage storyline. Carrion and Demogoblin were the two ‘children’ of Carnage and Shriek. There is a high possibility multiple elements from the Maximum Carnage story arc will be adapted into the movie including Carrion.

Silver Sable

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At one point of time, Silver sable was one of the many Spider-Man and Venom related characters that was being considered for a solo movie. In the comics, Silver Sable hails from the small European nation of Symkaria. The nation draws almost all its wealth from Sable’s international mercenary team called the Wild Pack. Silver Sable and Venom do not have that much in commonality. But her inclusion into Venom 2 opens doors for a rather popular Marvel comic book character. Coming to which….

Black Cat

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A superhero modeled after DC’s Catwoman, Black cat’s real name is Felicia Hardy. A recurring Spider-Man character, Hardy would later develop feelings for Peter parker and both had a short but popular stint together. Black cat is a master thief and burglar, always up to no good. Not even Spider-Man is quick enough to stop Black Cat at times. Black cat would make for a good supporting role in Venom 2. If the Black Cat persona is too much, then at the very least we should see Felicia Hardy in some form in Venom 2. Her strong link with Spider-Man in the comic books could be a messenger for the things to come in the Venom-Verse.


Toxin is the symbiote child of Carnage. So that makes it Venom’s grandchild. In Marvel Comics, Venom and Carenage went to war after Toxin was born. The off-spring of every symbiote draws immediate hostility from its parent symbiote. The reason is simple – the symbiote off-spring is always better than its parent off-spring in every way. So the parent tries to kill its child so that the former is not replaced with the latter. Toxin is arguably one of the most powerful symbiotes to ever exist. After bonding with police officer Patrick Mulligan (a character already teased in the trailer), Toxin struggles with the moral concepts of good and bad. Unlike Brock and Kasady, Mulligan manages to keep the symbiote under his control right after the bonding process is completed.

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Kraven the Hunter

There are rumors circulating all over the internet that Sony is indeed looking for people to spearhead a Kraven movie. Kraven is apparently the next stage of the Sony shared superhero universe. The talks of a Kraven movie have stalled somewhat. But we are optimistic that the Studio might be going forward with this potential project. With the existence of the symbiotes now public knowledge, many people all across the world would be coming to Brock’s city to hunt the symbiote down. Kraven is a Spider-Man villain who lives for the hunt. He enjoys the thrill of stalking and capturing his prey. He would be a perfect addition to the Venom Universe.


Anti Venom Feature Cropped

After Eddie Brock loses the venom symbiote in the comic books, he becomes host to yet another one of his ‘off-springs’. Turns out, the Venom symbiote had lived inside Brock’s body for so long, there were vestigial trace elements of the symbiote even after the original Venom left his body. Ant-Venom came into force when Brock came into contact with Mister Negative’s negative energy. Anti-Venom, as the name suggests, is the genetic enemy of all symbiotes. Anti-Venom’s powers completely negate the abilities of the Venom and the Carnage symbiote. If the character is somehow introduced into the movie, we just hope it is considered as a pivotal element to the plot of the movie rather than being treated as a third wheel.

Flash Thompson

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Sony seems to be coming forward to make an entire Venom franchise. Venom 2 is merely a single continuation. The Sony shared superhero universe will have a lot of folks, good and bad. If that is indeed the plan, they would like to keep their central character – Venom, intact. Unlike MCU’s Iron Man, Venom’s powers stem from a symbiote that can attach itself with any other human being, not just Eddie Brock. Tom Hardy is a wonderful actor but even he cannot carry the Venom franchise for more than 4-5 movies. The audience would require a fresh face. Flash Thompson becomes Agent Venom in the comic books and he has had a very popular run as the symbiote superhero. If we were to choose an actor, we would go for Colton Haynes aka Roy Harper of the Arrowverse.

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