The post-credits scene for Venom: Let There Be Carnage has blown fans away by bringing the symbiote into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This not only sets up Venom’s showdown with Spider-Man but also opens the possibility of another powerful symbiote to join the party.

Eddie Brock is well known as the host of Venom but he had also donned a symbiote which was the exact opposite of his original counterpart: Anti- Venom. Anti- Venom was introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #569. Back then Eddie was not hosting Venom and was volunteering at a homeless shelter.

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When Venom tried to bond back with Brock, the dormant symbiote white blood cells activated and gave birth to a new, nearly all-white Anti-Venom symbiote. Apart from preventing the Venom from bonding with Brock, it also gave him the most powerful symbiotes to exist in comics.

Anti- Venom lacks a mind of its own (or maybe hasn’t displayed sentient thoughts yet). This symbiote boasts abilities others lack; as per the user’s command. This includes the ability to cure impurities in others’ bodies, immune to sonic attacks, fire, and power to create projectile weapons.

Eddie embraced Anti-Venom in order to cure others and become a hero and once nearly cured Spider-Man of his powers. Eddie then lost Anti-Venom symbiote when it was used to produce the spider-power granting virus.

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In the live-action Venom movies, Eddie won’t host both symbiotes at the same time if Anti-Venom does make an appearance. This opens doors for Flash Thompson who was Peter’s high school bully and went on to host Venom symbiote in the comics and transformed into Agent Venom (now known as Agent Anti-Venom)

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The upcoming Spider-Man movie could explore Flash and Peter’s relationship more. Spider-Man: No Way Home could introduce Venom as part of the multiversal “Sinister Six” which Peter and Doctor Strange accidentally pulled over into their universe. With everything nicely laid, the symbiotes could join MCU soon.

Introduction of Anti-Venom could help MCU explore stories like King in Black or Spider-Island in which symbiote plays a major role.

Venom 2 will have a huge impact on Spider-Man and the MCU.


Source: Hollywood Reporter

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