The 92nd Academy Awards took place on Sunday night and was a night filled with gossips, glamour, fashion, entertainment and lots and lots of awards. The Oscar award ceremony turned to be a pretty good one even for Thor: Ragnarok director, Taika Wititi.


Victory for Waititi

Victory for Waititi
Waititi wins his first Oscar award


He won his first Oscar for his writing Jojo Rabbit, a movie which he directed and also co-starred in.

Later, he appeared in a cover shoot for Variety’s the ‘Next Morning’ issue, where he took some amazing pictures with his brand new award.


Waititi shares his award with the world

Waititi shared his photos from the shoot on Instagram, where he also included a funny picture from the ‘noon after.’

The pic shows the director under the covers with his Academy Award while rocking a shirt from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and according to the caption, he was also watching a Harry Potter film.


The world pours out their love


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