Shakira and Gerard Pique had it all, and things were going well for the couple before things took a wrong turn, and they decided to split. After being together for more than a decade, the Colombian singer decided to call it quits after she allegedly found out that his partner was cheating on her. She has also shared that her ex has been a “jealous and territorial” person who wanted to control everything around him. Considering her statements, many have even deemed her relationship as ‘toxic.’ However, a viral video of the singer with her ex and his mother shows that Gerard Pique was not the only ‘toxic‘ person in the relationship.


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Viral Clip shows Gerard Pique’s Mother Misbehaving With Shakira

A recently surfaced video of Shakira with Gerard Pique and his mother. The short clip shows an interaction between the Waka Waka singer and Pique’s mother, Montserrat Bernabeu. The video went viral after seeing Bernabeu’s behavior toward the Colombian singer.

Colombian singer Shakira

The short clip shows Pique’s mother squeezing Shakira’s cheek and then gesturing for her to keep quiet as she puts a finger on her lips. Pique’s mother then went on to say something to her as well. However, Shakira’s reaction was not caught in the clip as she was standing with her back toward the camera.

But people believe that the gesture does not seem friendly in any way. During the whole conversation, Gerard Pique was standing beside them, who seemed to avoid the conversation between his ex and his mother as he moves on to talk to a man standing nearby.

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Gerard Pique Tried to Avoid Shakira at Their Son’s Birthday Party

Shakira and Pique’s eldest son Milan turned 10 this Sunday. The 10-year-old celebrated his birthday at Shakira’s house with his friends and his younger brother, Sasha. Reports claim that Pique arrived at the venue and entered the party venue through the house of his parents, who live next door to her ex.

Shakira in Dubai with her kids on this Christmas
Shakira with her sons

However, the former Spanish footballer reportedly tried to avoid having an awkward interaction with his ex. The singer recently released a song, Session 53, calling out her ex for allegedly cheating on her. The couple split in June 2022 and have reached an agreement for the custody of their children. She has been given primary custody of their children.

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