Viggo Mortensen, the infamous character Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, has given some great advice to the actor who’d be taking up his role in the upcoming series reboot. Mortensen’s heartfelt support came with simple (yet profound) advice. 

Viggo Mortensen Signs autogrpahs outside of the Tiff '08 Premiere of his New film, AppaloosaCheck out even more Great photos and videos at: christopherharte
Viggo Mortensen Signs Autographs outside of the Tiff ’08 Premiere of his New film, Appaloosa | Wikimedia/christopherharte

While Aragorn will always remain a beloved classic, the actor seems to be embracing the torch being passed. His guidance ensures a beautiful transition for the character, calling for excitement for a new generation to embark on a journey to Middle-earth!

Passing the Torch: Mortensen Offers Advice to Potential Aragorn Successor

As unfortunate as that sounds, Mount Doom’s fires were put out like years ago—but the mythology surrounding Middle-earth is still very much alive. Fans of the beloved film series LOTR are oh-so-excited, wondering about who will play legendary characters like Aragorn. While it’s undeniably true that Mortensen’s portrayal will always remain a masterpiece, the actor himself talks about welcoming a new fellowship. 

Viggo Mortensen, Genie Awards 2012Alan Langford
Viggo Mortensen, Genie Awards 2012 | Wikimedia/Alan Langford

During a recent interview, the LOTR Aragorn gave his blessings in a rather unexpected (but motivating message) to the prospective Andúril Wielder, who may follow in his footsteps. He spoke candidly about how Aragorn’s role demands inevitable strength and resilience. Being the Ranger of the North, “It’s about capturing the internal struggles.” The 60-year-old star then provided young Wielder with a simple (yet insightful) four-step approach that’ll help him understand Aragorn better. 

First off, he asks his successor Wielder to delve into Tolkien’s world. He needs to be lost in Tolkien’s writing and learn everything about Aragorn’s ancestry, struggles, and victory. Secondly, embracing the physicality—Aragorn is a fighter, and so, Wielder must put in a lot of practice (perhaps also pick up horseback riding and swordplay). 

The third piece of advice that Mortensen gave was to discover power in quiet. As a character, Aragorn doesn’t give orders but exudes a silent strength that’s indescribable in words. Lastly, have faith in fellowship—LOTR Aragorn fights alongside others. So, developing a close bond with the other cast members and recalling that Middle-earth is ultimately saved by the Fellowship’s bond is important for Wielder to best portray Aragorn. 

Mortensen’s counsel finds the ideal mix between embracing a fresh perspective and paying tribute to the character’s legacy. It peacefully serves as a reminder that although the spirit of Aragorn is still present, every actor interprets the part from a different angle. Regardless of whether the new Aragorn is an experienced veteran or a budding star, the passing of the torch keeps alive the spirit of Middle-earth for new generations. 

Viggo Mortensen Would Choose Directing Over Acting

Viggo Mortensen at the Toronto International Film Festival 2011.Josh Jensen
Viggo Mortensen at the Toronto International Film Festival 2011 | Wikimedia/Josh Jensen

Mortensen, a celebrated Oscar nominee, is about to release his next big project. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding his upcoming western, The Dead Don’t Hurt, which is his second attempt at directing a western. During a recent film festival tour, Mortensen revealed that writing and directing the entire picture was a great joy, demonstrating how much he’s enjoyed the experience. If given the option, he would actually prefer directing instead of acting.

2020 saw him make his directing debut in the drama Falling, in which he also acted in a supporting capacity. The song, The Dead Don’t Hurt, transports him back to the arid plains, though. With his insightful advice for a potential successor, Viggo Mortensen gracefully passes the torch, ensuring that the spirit of Aragorn and the allure of Middle-earth continue to inspire future generations of actors and audiences.

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