WandaVision is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) latest installment related to the Avengers franchise. The miniseries is displaying the same characteristic plot twists and insane backstories for which MCU creations are famous. The fans will be astonished to know that every principal character has had an even crazier backstory in various Marvel comics. Here, the readers will learn about ten facts about their favorite characters from the comics’ pages that will provide a base and add momentum to their interpretation of the series.

1. Wanda and Vision Together appeared in a Previous Comic Book Series

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WandaVision is not Wanda and Vision’s first exclusive appearance in a Marvel creation. In 1982, they starred in the dramatic comic-series ‘The Vision and the Scarlett Witch.’ The series successfully ran for four years with sixteen issues and two volumes. The main focus was on the relationship issues of every principal character.

2. Ultron is Vision’s Sole Creator

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MCU’s ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron‘ shows Vision as a synthezoid, created by Ultron with the mixed persona of Tony Stark, the Hulk, and JARVIS. Vision’s comic book debut was in Avengers Issue 57, where he is created only by Ultron to fight the Avengers. Ultron developed his brain functions to match deceased Wonder-Man. However, Vision joins the Avengers in both the comics and the movie adaptation.

3. Jimmy Woo appeared Earlier than Every Principal Character Wanda and Vision

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Agent Jimmy Woo first appeared in a comic book Yellow Claw-Issue 1, in October 1956. He was the protagonist against the criminal Yellow Claw. Wanda appeared in the 1960s, and Vision made its debut in 1963. Woo attained his fanbase after the Ant-Man films, but he has been around for a long time.

4. Wanda Conceived her Twins through Magic

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The Vision is a synthezoid, yet both the series and the comics show Wanda bearing human twin sons. The reason, however, is that the Scarlett Witch created her sons with reality-altering sorcery. The comics describe them as parts of the demon Mephisto’s soul fragments. Mephisto absorbed Tommy and Billy, which led to Wanda and Vision’s prolonged depression.

5. Monica Rambeau is Captain Marvel’s Successor

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In ‘WandaVision,’ Monica Rambeau is gradually evolving into a superhero with her new-found cosmic powers. Monica’s character ‘Spectrum‘ is a master manipulator of energy, as seen in the comic pages. She was featured in the Avengers comics and evolved as a leader in Issue 279. She left the group due to the loss of her powers in Issue 293.

6. Agent Jimmy Woo has been the Leader of Every Principal Character in the Comics

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MCU’s ‘AntMan and the Wasp’ portrayed Jimmy Woo as comic relief. But the agent, like in WandaVision, has had a pivotal leadership role in Marvel comics. Agent Woo headed the Avengers in the 1950s ‘What If’ Series. He was also the leader of ‘Agents of the Atlas,’ which featured Asian-American superheroes.

7. The Comics featured another Vision parallel to Ultron’s Creation

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The Young Avengers comics featured Jonas, an alternate self of Vision who was sentient. The original Vision lost control over his body after the death of his sons. The She-Hulk destroyed his body, and his mind fused with Iron Lad’s armor. Iron Lad killed Jonas in Avenger: Children’s Crusade.

8. Antagonist Darcy Lewis is absent in Marvel Comics

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Darcy Lewis is another comic relief from previous MCU creations, who has developed into a more complex character. Darcy’s storyline is entirely original due to her absence in the comics. MCU intended to introduce a simpler stereotypical anti-persona. The result was Darcy.

9. Monica Rambeau was romantically involved with Every Principal Character from Marvel Divas

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Marvel Divas was quite different from the general stories told by Marvel Comics. It focussed on the romantic pathways of four female superheroes. Rambeau was the tough girl of the group. The new approach wasn’t trendy among the fans, and the series only had four issues.

10. The Scarlett Witch Created an Alternate Reality for the X-Men

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Wanda proved to be too powerful for Professor Xavier in the X-Men comics. She warped reality to modify the Universe as per her will. The X-Men considered annihilating her consciousness. Her brother Pietro aka Quicksilver bid her build an alternate universe where everybody’s wishes would come true. The ensuing chaos led Wanda to destroy that pocket Universe killing many mutants.

The MCU has always taken creative recess from the comic storyline- to deliver exciting plot twists, sometimes failing to provide a punch. Can you think of any more interesting facts? Let us know in the comments.

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