After Marvel dropped the new trailer for their Disney+ show WandaVision starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, everyone is trying to figure out the plot of the show.

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For one, we know reality as been tampered with and of course, Wanda, the Scarlet Witch herself is in the middle of all this.

But there is a possibility that rather than being the hero of the story, Wanda might actually be the real villain here.

After the events of the Infinity Saga, the doomed couple seem to living a blissful married life as a couple in the town of Westview.

Wanda and Vision are happy together, with some nosy neighbors poking about their business.

The only problem with this whole scene being – how real is Vision?


Story So Far:

We of course last saw Vision in Avengers: Infinity War when Thanos took the Mind Stone from Vision, rendering him ‘dead’ for all intents and purposes.

Even with all of Wanda’s efforts, she could not stop Thanos from snapping half of existence to dust, in which the Scarlet Witch herself disappeared.


Then we see the Hulk undoing the events of Thanos’ snap with one of his own in Avengers: Endgame.

And with everyone else who was dusted, Wanda was back as well.

But we see at the end of the movie, after Tony Stark’s funeral, Wanda wishing Vision could see what had happened at the end as her and Clint reminisce about Natasha and Vision – the two other casualties of this war.

And now suddenly, Vision is back and they are living a happily married life in Podunk town somewhere, while SWORD is trying to contain the situation. The only thing, nothing seems right!


Initially, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan starrer The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was supposed to kick off the Disney+ show timeline for Marvel.

But because of the Coronavirus pandemic, there was a time-table reshuffle, and now WandaVision with its altered reality will start this new venture by Marvel Studios.

WandaVision took inspiration from some classic sitcoms, putting a twist to the usual comic book stories.

All things considered, while everything seems to be cheery and upbeat with Wanda and Vision’s newly married life as a couple, odds are that it’s not as flawless as it seems — and with Scarlet Witch trying to maintain this illusion, she might end up being the real villain of this story.

Things Are Seldom What They Seem:


The WandaVision trailer opens with the recently married Scarlet Witch and Vision moving into a suburban town.

They have a home and participate in regular domestic affairs like having their neighbors over for the dinner.

Vision works in an office, or at least somewhere that he goes with a briefcase in hand, and Wanda is a housewife.

They look like an extremely old-school a couple, which fits in the shows’ aesthetics. But they don’t remain in one time period.

Throughout the trailer, we see them hopping through different times, changing looks and with time, even adding members to their family.

Although the whole time-jumping is unclear to the audience, one thing is for sure, things are not as real as they might look.




The fact that Wanda is behind this fantasy, is quite apparent, what with her powers of bending reality – a quality of hers that was pretty prominent in the House of M storyline in the comics.

Although this particular ability of hers hasn’t been touched in the MCU until now, WandaVision could very well be the first step towards that.

Even though it is not apparent what exactly she did, there was obviously a lot of manipulation involved on Wanda’s part.

Either she reanimated Vision, in the same way Shuri and Banner were trying to before the events of Thanos’ snap, and is keeping him locked in this warped reality.

Or he is not real at all. In her madness, Wanda has managed to somehow trap an entire suburban town to live a life she had dreamt of, but cannot reach anymore.



And although this Vision seems quite happy to be living this domestic life with his wife and family, it is very clear that something is wrong with him.

When questioned about his past, he seems fuzzy about the details, and Wanda herself looks a little lost.

Whether because Wanda has distorted Vision’s memories or something else entirely, we will have to wait and see.

Being part A.I., Vision is the objective one in this relationship to Wanda’s emotional approach. He is rational, and worthy enough to even wield Mjolnir.

So if this Vision is indeed real, and not a figment of Wanda’s imagination, then it is probably Wanda’s intention, to keep things from him.

As the couple tries to “fit in” in their new surrounding, Vision changes his appearance to look more human.

But as much as she tries, the cracks in this created reality are bound to appear sooner or later.

The Nosy Neighbor:


Although there are speculations that the character of Kathryn Hahn may not have the best of intentions, Marvel has not revealed much about what her role in this show is, except for being a nosy neighbor.

Rumors even suggest that Hahn might be playing Agatha Harkness — Wanda’s witch mentor from the comics, who later becomes her enemy.

And with her hat, and that witchy cackle, she does seem to fit the part.

But even if she does play Harkness, it does not imply her to be the villain of WandaVision.

She also seems to be the only character, who time-jumps along with the couple as seen in the trailer.

That might be because she is keeping Wanda’s façade working to keep doubts away, or she is trying to make Vision realize the truth of this reality.


Given it is Marvel, and they have a tendency to distract audiences from what is really happening by placing decoys, Hahn’s character might end up doing the same.

Multiverse of Madness Set-Up:

This might also be a set up for the next Doctor Strange movie – Multiverse of Madness.

We already know Wanda is a part of it, so her reality bending skill will probably be at full force there.

And WandaVision might be a way for Marvel to ease audiences into that.


If Wanda’s power explodes, and she ends up making a mess, it is possible that Doctor Strange might be called in help out with this situation.

And if Vision is actually just Wanda’s imagination, it might also be Strange who uses his powers to reanimate Vision, before Wanda can do more damage.

It is also possible that if Hahn really is Agatha Harkness, then she has faced with the Ancient One before. Or even has some kind of connection with Kamar-Taj.

She might also be the one to bring in Strange in the events that Wanda ends up losing control over her powers.


And on the off chance that Doctor Strange does reanimate dead people, although nothing has been said so far, fans are still hoping this might be when Marvel bring back the character of Pietro Maximoff to life!

For now, we will have to wait for the Thanksgiving weekend, when WandaVision is supposedly going to release, while Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness is set to release in March of 2022.

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