Phase 4 has finally begun and we’re happy that the drought of MCU content has finally ended. We had to be really patient, but it’s fair to say that our patience will be rewarded with regular MCU content almost every month of the year. WandaVision has had a pretty suave beginning. It doesn’t have The Mandalorian level audience base just yet, but that will certainly change when the coming episodes will take us to some familiar MCU grounds of action and adventure. Anyway, people have still loved the first two episodes, which have left us with so many setups and unanswered questions. Among the setups was the groundwork for the two upcoming villains of the series.

As of now, it seems that SWORD might be the primary antagonists. First, there was the toy chopper with the SWORD symbol on it. Then, we heard Agent Jimmy Woo reach out to Wanda through the radio. And finally, the mysterious beekeeper (who had a SWORD symbol on his back) entered Wanda’s bubble to probably rescue her. But we’re sure that they are the ones who are trying to help Wanda snap out of her dream and end her pocket reality. They are not the villains here. Rumors have suggested that WandaVision will feature two major villains, which are none other than Mephisto and the Grim Reaper.


What you see above is a scoop that Roger Wardell came up with back in December. This scoop has been proven by the second episode of WandaVision. Along with this little intel, he also revealed the scoop about the Devil Mephisto and the Grim Reaper. Here, take a look at his second WandaVision scoop:



We saw plenty of evidence for Mephisto in the second episode. The most obvious clue came when Dottie said, “The Devil is in the details, Bev,” and Agnes replied, “That’s not the only place he is.” Of course, Agnes was referring to Dottie being as bad as the Devil, but her comment also meant that MCU’s real Devil, Mephisto was present in Wanda’s pocket reality.

WandaVision agnes Ralph Mephisto

Besides this extremely on the nose reference, viewers believe that Agnes’ cold-hearted husband, Ralph is actually Mephisto himself. You see, “Agnes” is actually short for “Agatha Harkness,” who is a witch from Marvel comics. In the books, she turns out to be a follower of the Devil, Mephisto. So, she could be in on Mephisto’s elaborate scheme to use Wanda’s reality-altering abilities.

Agnes Rabbit

Furthermore, “Señor Scratchy, the rabbit” could also be another incarnation of Mephisto. But how is it that an animal played “baby Jesus” in a stage act? One of the ways it’s possible is through sacrilege, where Mephisto probably mocked Jesus by enacting him. And, “Señor Scratchy” could be a reference to Satan’s name “Mr. Scratch” or “Old Scratch.” So, the Devil is quite literally in the details. Anyway, that’s enough on Mephisto. Let’s talk about the second villain, i.e. the Grim Reaper.

The Grim Reaper

wandavision grim reaper

In the comics, part of Vision’s brain waves came from Wonder Man, and the Grim Reaper is wonder Man’s brother. He sees vision as an enemy that stole a part of his brother. This is why he wants to kill Vision. There’s a very subtle setup for the Grim Reaper in the opening animated act of the second episode. The Marvel villain’s four-pronged helmet could be seen in the closet right when Vision dressed up for work and phased through floors.

WandaVision Wonder Man

Now, this could be considered as a mere Easter Egg, but we’re going to take it as a setup. Why? Because there’s another clue to this Marvel villain. In the latest WandaVision featurette, we see the head writer of WandaVision, Jac Schaeffer talking about the series. Behind her, there’s a photo of Wonder Man, which is blurry but can be easily made out. So, this could be a clue for Wonder Man’s arrival, and along with him comes the Grim Reaper!

WandaVision’s third episode arrives on January 22, and we just can’t wait to get more setups for these villains.




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