Following last year’s Oscar slap gate incident, Will Smith got banned from attending altogether. And therefore this year Oscars had no Smith in it. But the ceremony did go smoothly with a splendid performance by Lady Gaga. Following this, a Twitter user going by the actor’s name tweeted about a video game he had been working on. Soon the tweet was filled with replies from people making fun of the real Smith and his 10 years ban from the awards. Most seemed to agree he deserved the consequence of what he did to Chris Rock.

Will Smith Gets Trolled For His Oscars Ban

Will Smith
Will Smith

By now, everyone is aware of last year’s Oscars drama. Chris Rock getting slapped by Will Smith resulted in the latter’s ban from the academy, and its events, for a decade. And now just after a year, the After Earth actor was heavily trolled about the ban. Following the recent Oscars, a user with the name Will Smith (not the actor) tweeted promoting his upcoming video game Anacrusis. However, soon things took a turn and it was about the Oscars incident once again when another user jokingly pointed out his absence at the award function.

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Will Smith
Will Smith

But unfortunately for the real Smith, various people jumped onto the troll wagon against him and his issue with the Oscars. One jokingly suggested,

Maybe try to cheer yourself up.
Watch a comedy special. Netflix has some news [sic] ones.”

For those unversed, Chris Rock has released his stand-up show on Netflix called Selective Outrage. And unsurprisingly, he took a dig at his incident with Smith last year among many other jokes. Furthermore, other tweets also trolled the Suicide Squad actor.

And similarly, there were several other tweets of people trolling the actor. Although Smith did not complain anything about the ban himself, people still grabbed the opportunity to take a dig at him. Aside from that, the Oscars this year went smoothly without any awkward interruptions.

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What Did Chris Rock Say About Will Smith on Netflix Stand Up?

Chris Rock
Chris Rock

Recently, after about a year since the Oscars slap gate incident, Chris Rock released his Netflix stand-up show Selective Outrage. Viewers will see him joke about various pop culture events. And that includes his slapping incident with Will Smith. Rock took a dig at Smith by joking he had been hate-watching the actor’s latest flick Emancipation. Smith’s character is of an enslaved man who gets severely beaten and thrashed in the movie. Referring to the slap he got from the After Earth actor, he admitted to enjoying watching Smith getting thrashed back.

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