2019 feels like we have come back to our childhood and we cannot even complain about it! Have a look at this first full-length Disney Aladdin Official trailer to know that our famous Will Smith is someone more than your internet meme.

Let’s talk about our Genie!

Aladdin Movie 2019 Will Smith Blue Genie Fan
the man himself

Oh, we all loved Williams and his beautiful portray of Genie. We cannot forget his charm that went on screen and how he presented the look of Genie and made us love him even more. Williams made sure that the audience loved the fact of a blue and a ripped guy standing near a timid one but still stealing the screen time.

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And when Will Smith made his first appearance as the genie, the internet couldn’t keep calm about it. We all trolled him because…meh, he looked like he was just doing a commercial for a detergent. If the previous Aladdin trailer gave you nightmares then don’t worry much about it, because this trailer made up for it.

The second full length trailer made it to Good Morning America and the people are not able to keep their calm about it. It is not something that you will get on your normal Disney episode because this movie is finding the best of the relationship between Aladdin and Genie. The cute bonding moments between these two will make you go awe. And as a reminder, you need to think about Will Smith more than just a troll that you saw on your Facebook Account.

The first trailer did not withdraw much reactions from everyone and it made the producers really worried about the whole scenario. Since the bits and parts were produced in such a way that people weren’t finding it good to appreciate.

Smith have shared in front of the people and to the media that he wants to be more than just a voice and a character which can make people love them.

Aladdin Release Date?

This Guy Ritchie’s directed Aladdin release date is set for May 24th 2019. Mena Massoud plays Aladdin and Naomi Scott plays Jasmine and you know this, since Will Smith plays the one and only Genie.

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