The American talk show, The View, has witnessed a significant drop in its viewers and ratings. People blame Whoopi Goldberg for it as her actions on the show have led to people boycotting the famous talk show. A lot of petitions are circulating online demanding to have her fired from the show.

Whoopi Goldberg erupted at her co-hosts on live TV

Whoopi Goldberg ended the show abruptly
Whoopi Goldberg ended the show abruptly

A discussion about gun violence was going on between The View co-host Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, and Ana Navarro then Whoopi Goldberg told them she’s had enough. The 66-year-old was about to cut to commercials but Sunny Hostin wanted to add one more thing but that led to the hosts all jumping in once again to share their own thoughts.

Then Whoopi Goldberg erupted at them saying, “Okay, I can’t do this with y’all! I gotta go. I can’t do it anymore.” The moderator then took the show to its commercial break, turned her attention towards the studio audience, and told them they could “clap” now.

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Whoopi Goldberg has said some disturbing things on the show

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg claimed that Holocaust “is not about race” on live TV

It all started in January when Whoopi Goldberg made a controversial claim that the Holocaust “is not about race” during an episode of ‘The View’. She said it when she was discussing a Tennessee school board’s controversial decision to ban Maus, a graphic novel about the Holocaust. She claimed “Let’s be truthful about it because the Holocaust isn’t about race. No. It’s not about race!” despite her co-hosts opposing her claims.

A lot of petitions are circulating online that demand her removal from the show

Whoopi Goldberg
A lot of people want Whoopi Goldberg removed from the talk show

Her remarks about the Holocaust led to someone starting a petition on that demanded her to “be fired from the daytime TV show for her repulsive verbiage and actions”. Currently, the petition has more than 43,000 signatures. The description of the petition says,

“Whoopi has made numerous remarks about race that have ruffled feathers. But her most recent comment attacking victims of the holocaust and the entire Jewish community are disgusting. Apologies are not enough when it comes to things like this, This can and will not be forgotten.”

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The View has witnessed a significant drop in its viewers

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg’s statements and behavior have caused problems for The View

As per The Sun, only 2.28 million people watched the show between June 6 to June 10. For the same week in 2021, 2.36 million viewers witnessed the show. In 2020, ratings were even higher as over 2.58 million viewers watched the show during that week. People blame the host’s actions for the decline in the number of people watching the talk show.

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